Third Time’s the Charm

Another “ate” post. And not because she’s the favorite, but because she didn’t have school yesterday. Ewan ko ba diyan sa UST, laging may sine-celebrate! ;P But I’m not complaining. Celebrate ahead! I get to have my playtime with ate! <3

I wanted to take her to Long Bar in Raffles Hotel, Makati so we could get drunk in the middle of the day as Fran suggests in her BLOG hehe. But alas, we didn’t have a driver & my human GPS was in school. (Kapitan K? No way!) ;)) I fear the jungle that is Makati! </3 Makati, as you well know, is a pit for kotongeros lurking & waiting for you to make the wrong turn on the oh-so-many one way streets! @_@

I wanted to take ate to Long Bar to try this very expensive drink.. a Singapore Sling 850 php/glass.
It looks oh-so-delicious, Franny! </3

Adding to my dismay is Jin’s recent post also on Long Bar. Waaaa!!! :'(( We really should have went, ate! </3 Oh well, I just have to wait for another of your free days. One is coming soon, I hope???

So long story short, we stayed in the Alabang area. I couldn’t get my mojo back just yet because my heart was really set on going to Makati for a fun date with my first born, so we randomly chose a restaurant for our lunch.

The newest branch of Yakimix (sushi. smokeless grill. restaurant) happened to be open in ATC, so I suggested we just eat there since we weren’t craving for anything in particular. And yakimix had japanese, filipino, chinese, italian food -so, win win situation.

This my my 3rd yakimix experience. The first one (I cannot find my blog post on that -do help me out if you stumble onto it pls? -I’m O.C. that way haha!), I was NOT happy. Since it just opened, there was major hoopla happening & it was too bright, crowded & noisy for my taste. The SECOND one was a bit better. Not as crowded & I was able to relax more & enjoy the food. Not the best quality, but good enough for the price you pay. The 3rd time really is the charm because I enjoyed our lunch amidst the quiet surroundings. Not too many people (maybe the alabangers are too sosy for yakimix?), & plenty of food to go around -no need to panic. Add to that is our server thought ate & I were siblings, mwahaha! Now THAT made my day (but certainly not my “sibling’s” hehe!)

Yakimix in town reminds me more of Saisaki/Triple V before they packed up & left our area. And I liked how the place was smaller in scale than Vikings & Buffet 101 where it’s really a food fest with mad hungry people scrambling for food. I also like their table-top grill. I don’t cook, but I like to PRETEND & show that I can, LOL! :P

My very HAPPY, very full SUSHI & sashimi plate. Yay! <3
Of course, you can’t compare the quality to that of the 5-star hotels. Pero pwede na.
They had a japanese chef though, who kept roaming the grounds, probably mentally saying
“Yes, I am the chef! I am the chef!) LELs! ;))
It opens at 11 A.M.
We got there at 12.
Still not busy. Yay for me (but not for them!) ;P
My 2nd plate. Tonkatsu, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Gyoza & some other dimsum. 
My 3rd plate. The raw food which I EXPERTLY cooked on my table top! ;)
Ate pretending she knows how to cook! ;P
We couldn’t even distinguish the difference between cooked & uncooked! ;))

and here I am, also pretending!!! ;))
TADA! Success!!! m/
Maybe I shall start cooking na at home, mwahaha!!!
Would you like that, my babies?

Still.. I’m really really dying to try the buffet at Fairmont Hotel. I’m sure it’s uber bonggels! I hope we get to do so sooooon!!! <3

Oh! Yakimix lunch costs 540 php/head on weekdays (monday to friday) inclusive of 1 round of drink & 620 php for dinner. On weekends (saturday & sunday), it’s 660 php for lunch OR dinner. Kids below 4 feet pay 380 php. Reservations accepted. 553-4757 & 553-7433 in ATC to reserve! :)

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