Things I Learned

I may be over the hill, but at my age, I am still learning a thing or two about life. This pageant alone taught me so many things…

1) Not all candidates are your rivals. Solid friendships can also be formed. From the start, ate & annica had an affinity for one another -maybe because they’re too much alike. When Annica needed votes, ate campained to her friends for more votes for Annica when she was fighting neck & neck with another candidate the last few hours before the final counting. When ate had a wardrobe malfunction minutes away from the formal wear competition, Annica -in all her splendor & glory, knelt on the ground & set out to pull up the gown’s zipper that was stuck & didn’t budge until it finally zipped up. Yes, friendship is possible between rivals. Alliances can be formed! ;))

Silang 2 lang talaga ang nag-uusap sa stage hahaha! ;))
Having said that, once you find a gem of a friend, make sure the friendship is for keeps. Like ate, Annica really is a beautiful person in & out -that’s a very rare quality. In the very short span that we’ve talked, I saw someone so selfless & without a mean bone in her body. You can’t help but be happy for her accomplishment. Beauty+Brains+Heart? That’s rare.
2) Not all friends are supportive. We have some old, old friends that go waaaaay back whom we thought would be our staunchest supporters. But when we needed them the most, they failed us. On the other hand, new friends & people who didn’t even know us that well came to our rescue & fought the battle with us. Some whom we never even imagined would help us did so. Life really is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will get! ;P
It’s better not to expect. For us Filipinos, it’s Tit for Tat. We don’t take utang na loob lightly. So when you give or do something nice for someone, don’t expect anything in return so you don’t get disappointed. It’s different strokes for different folks. Not everyone can, or is willing, to make grand gestures. Deal with it & move on.
3) All that glitters REALLY is GOLD! ;)) Ate didn’t want anything colorful, sparkly & pompous. She wanted everything simple & elegant -no skin. No to danglings & big earrings. No to sequins & headdresses. No to bright colors. It’s good that I insisted on some glitters, earrings & headdress. Otherwise she would have been roadkill in the pageant! The more glitter, the more attention. Now, I know -understated elegance is definitely not for pageants!
Annica’s gown was really splendid.
The color was glorious & contrasting to her very fair skin, the sparkle on her dress was magnificent.
Not that she needed any more to glow! :)

4) P.R. really works! For the whole week that I’ve been shadowing ate, I made some friends of my own to her kahihiyan haha. On the pageant day, while other parents were relegated to the sides or the back. I had front row, middle aisle seats! m/ And I felt like a queen with everyone asking if I was alright & if I needed anything at all to let them know. I was a QUEEN! ;)) Smiling at everyone goes a loooooong way -besides, happy girls ARE the prettiest! <3

When all else fails, SMILE, even when your heart doesn’t want to. Think HAPPY!
 -pretty soon, your heart catches up with your head! :)
Smiling covers a multitude of sins. And GETS YOU EVERYWHERE! ;))

5) All or nothing. When you do decide to join something, you either give it your 101% or don’t plunge in at all. I scrimped on the budget for the headdress. Ate suffered the consequence. The Theme Wear (30%), Formal Wear (30%), and Casual Wear (30%) had a big impact on the result of the pageant.

Ms. Applied Math won the Best in Theme Wear
Her sign is Aries. And in fairness, she did go all out.
Winning this was a big boost in her pageant score.
Since I already paid so much for ate’s gown, a few more bucks would have made a HUGE difference on the result of the Theme Wear had I pushed through with the original headdress design! :((
This Clam Shell was ate’s idea for her Theme Wear.
But I said she was supposed to be a fish -not a clam or a pearl! ;))
Plus it cost 5k!! That’s too much for a one-time thing, I thought at the time. @_@
But I bet if she came out in this everyone would have gasped. 
I wanted this..

or this.. but not so BURLESQUE! ;P
Nude gown maybe with plenty of sparkle.
Then, we already went all the way to tutuban for the hair extensions. Because I scrimped, we didn’t get to use the hair extensions we bought because I only got 2 strands (2k) instead of the whole pack of 6 (5k)! Now that’s really money down the drain since ate didn’t even get to use it at all. I shouldn’t have held back for a few measly savings. For short, don’t be a cheapskate! ;P
Life lessons are meant to make you better. So I hope I learned my lessons & grow from it. Next time, I know better! ;P
On a much j3j note, saw this & I simply HAVE TO share with you haha..
Amen. :)
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