The Walking GOppets

I wasn’t fully inspired this year when it came to halloween costumes. Click HEREHEREHERE, and HERE back when I still had my creative juices flowing. Everyone was just too busy for my life lately that I wasn’t able to come up with cute costumes. From Kap down to Jela, busy busy busy! No time. So we just had to make do with printed shirts.

This was my peg for our family costume this 2013, but crazy stuff got in the way. By the time I remembered, it was too late for online purchase. Too bad.. cute pa naman sana!

Don’t worry, I was gonna revise the Ms. Piggy costume for my plus-plus-PLUS size body! :P This photo belongs to amazon.com

Rubie’s Costume Co

The Muppets Couples Costume Miss Piggy & Kermit Adult Standard

Price: $82.78
 Special thanks to ate who suggested The Walking Dead concept as add-on to our shirts & snazzed up our halloween look a bit, and was our overall creative director & make-up artist. (Oh, ayan ha, may credits ka! :P)

Yikes. Nakaka-ta-CUTE! Winner sa emote ate! ;)

We also used these shirts for the campaign.. ergo the green label. :P

Found these headgears in rustan’s. Arrow, Knife, and Bone. Less than 100 php each. m/ Thank you for always cooperating, guys! :-*

Our very amiable neighbor provided us with the perfect background. Galing! :) Panira lang yung pose ng 2 diyan hay! :P

But of course, we went around terrorizing the streets in our PINK chariot! :P

Ate was pissed that I put on a bright pink lippy while they all had nude. I said KAKAKAIN KO LANG KASI. DUGO YAN! ;))

Wanted to take them home. Hindi daw pwede, they still had super hero duties to attend to.

I wanted to eat this delectable cupcake! <3 Zombie mode on!

Some of our neighbors really went all out in celebrating halloween.

Traffic wasn’t as bad as it used to be. Maybe because others were dismayed with the loot turn-out last year & decided it wasn’t worth the effort this year.

Not every household participated in giving out candies & goodies, so the kids really queued when an opportunity presented itself.

Winner ka ‘Teh! ;)

Ton must have been sweltering under that heavily-padded King Triton costume! A for ay-ffort, Ton! m/

Have I told you how they LURVE the minions? ;) Well, they do.

With kuya ROBERT BAES, Muntinlupa Councilor & owner of the minion-infested house.

And where else will we land after that tiring round with not even a handful of candies to call our own.. at my ate Marita’s mansion of course, for some mouth-watering grub! ;)

Spotted, 2 handsome cowboys! :)

My ever loving ate who always takes care of everybody around her.

See? I told you. The ultimate mother goose! How blessed are we to have her? <3

Next year, I really need to notch up my game plan. Maybe I’ll go as.. (I won’t be needing those fake boobs, lels!)

Silver Screen Starlet Pet Costume – Large

by California Costumes

List Price:  
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