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The Walking Dead at Niner Ichi Nana

Ate knows how much I ADORE The Walking Dead series. Heck, I think EVERYBODY who’d care to listen to me rave knows. :P As in every Monday, no fail, I sit in front of our tv & excitedly wait for it come out. Then not content with just the one time, I watch the rerun again at night. NO FAIL I tell you. I am so enamored by it that it’s actually the only moment you’ll catch me watching tv. The rest of the time I gladly hand over the remote to Kap my Kap.


So when Ate found out that Erwan Heussaff had a limited-time-only TV Show cocktail mix at Niner Ichi Nana, she sent me this message ASAP:

PicMonkey Collage

Last week, I finally got the closest I can ever get to The Walking Dead, thanks to my resourceful Ate. Eeeeeeek!!!

Niner Ichi Nana/The Hungry Hound

G/F The Globe Tower, 32nd St. corner 7th Ave. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (0917) 876-9999




Niner Ichi Nana (short for 917 – the address) is connected to The Hungry Hound. While The Hound serves food, Niner serves drinks & cocktails.



Newly renovated. Warm & cozy. Loveeet! <3 So gastropub-y!



We’re always been curious about The Hungry Hound & vowed to visit every time we’d check in at F1 Hotel, but I we’d get sooo lazy to go out once ensconced in the plush living quarters.



I love the chandeliers. Straight out of Game of Thrones – another series favorite by the GOppets gals. The distinction appears in the well-lit room of The Hungry Hound. It is much darker & more intimate in the Niner Ichi Nana section.



I love my girls. <3 They are my bestest buddies & partners in crime! They’d go to the ends of the earth with me.




You can make your own cocktail (BESPOKE COCKTAILS), or rather, the mixologist makes one for you out of the questionnaire answers you give. Ate tried once before & this is what she & her girlfriends got..



Ate was given the one with the skull. It is SO her. Edgy, yet feminine. Do try one when you’re there. I wanted to but the TV shows won me over. Most certainly next time! :)



This is one well thought of plan & executed perfectly!!! *slow clap* Nice one Niner! \m/



Eeeeep! I’m eating an eyeball. I have turned into The Walking Dead!!! :P Yez, ganyan ko ka-feel!


PicMonkey Collage

Dressed in my TWD outfit! ;)) #OOTD




My WALKING DEAD. Arrow through the Head 380 php. Tanqueray, dolin blane, lemon juice, house tumeric liquueur, beet juice, lychee, syrop de mure & egg white. Strong beetroot aftertaste. Fan of zombie, beetroot.. not so much.



GAME OF THRONES. Milk of the Poppy 360 php. Hennesy VS, apple nutmeg cognac, coconut milk spice milk, port wine, vanilla syrup & lemon juice. Yummy apple cinnamon. This one’s a winner. The recipe was specially concocted by Mr. Heussaff himself – no wonder it’s a winner. Each mixologist makes his own TV show version.



We love how they went through the long & tedious process to come out with a beautiful -not just tasty, drink.



BREAKING BAD. Who’s Knocking 380 php. 1800 silver, mezcal, spice syrup, fresh pineapple juice, lemon juice, blue sugar syrup & salt. Yummy pineapple.



I love how I can be part of my teen’s life. I want her to be able to experience her firsts with me -just like her Ate, so I can guide her properly. I want her to know that though I am first & foremost her mum, I am also her best friend & she can come to me for anything & everything with no qualms or apprehension. <3



Aaaand yah, this is just getting into the BREAKING BAD character. It’s just about the drink. :P I have never, and won’t ever, encourage or promote drug use. And my kids know it.



Our cute cocktails! I thought I’d love my Walking Dead version the most but because of the Beetroot, I liked it the least. Too bad! The Milk of the Poppy is really the winner. The who’s Knocking isn’t bad either. I would have loved to order the rest but I was afraid I’d set a bad example to my girls. we have an unwritten 1-drink-policy rule. ;)


The Hungry Hound is the brainchild of Chef Rob Pengson and Erwan Heussaff, so expect not just great drinks, but great food as well -especially now that Chef Mikko Reyes (of 2nd’s fame) is in charge of the kitchen! <3 (Chef Mikko replaced Chef Jeremy Slagle otherwise known as Mr. Delicious).



Duck Fat Fries 288 php. Pimenton dulce, rosemary, garlic confit, parmesan. Ridiculously good! <3



Hound Chopped Salad 328 php. Chicken ala plancha, charred corn, greens, tomato, black beans, cilantro, and sour cream.



Sausage Mc Waffle 375 php. Sous vide egg, Dijon butter, port syrup, boursin cream.





The Hound Ssam Plate 1,495 php. Chili glazed pork belly, soy seared hanger steak, fried oysters, kimchi kraut, salted sesame oil, Asian pickles, bourbon ssamjang, romaine (good for 2-3).

Summer is here & I’m looking forward to more fun times with my kids. Yaaaay for school break! Can’t wait!


And that’s a wrap. People. remember. SAY NO TO DRUGS!

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