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Akala mo Mahirap, Yun pala Kuripot.

Kap has this funny shirt by THE TSHIRT PROJECT/SPOOFS that says “Akala mo Mahirap, Yun pala Kuripot“. He loves sassy & funny statement tees, to my chagrin. This particular shirt fits him to a T! ;)


Kap is really very very simple. We have several designer his & hers watches. Mine are super gasgas na because of wear & tear. Most of which have been inherited by the girls already. Meanwhile, his look spanking new because he never wears them. As in walang gasgas. He has a closet full of branded shirts, shorts, and pants. But he opts to wear the  cheaper ones so he doesn’t smudge them with grease & mud in his line of work.

He is not one to show off. And he doesn’t need much to keep him happy. Even in my events. Magrereklamo yan. Sweetheart, lalabas na naman ba tayo? Hindi na tayo napakali sa bahay. To which I would reply “But Honey, aren’t you happy we get to go to these nice places? Sagot nya: Makakabawas ba sa pagkatao natin kung hindi tayo kakain diyan? Or “pwede naman tayong mabuhay ng wala yan“. His motto in life really is less is more. And I am apathetic! :P #SorryNotSorry

One time I was scandalized when his tennis buddy remarked, Mare, buti pa yang wallet mo, mas mahal pa sa kotse ng asawa mo (hayz, Kap also dabbles in buy & sell so he can be using a battered old car one time & a flashy one the next). The friend said it in jest, but I really felt bad for my Kap. Another time, they jokingly asked me to buy him a more manly water jug because apparently, he was using our daughter’s old Barbie jug kasi sayang daw at ayos pa naman. Gah! (I have since then replaced the controversial jug!)


My Kap is not pakitang tao. What you see is what you get. He can be friends with the richest man, but he is also buddies with his men & staff. He is really a Mr. Nice Guy. <3

Feeling nila inaapi ko naman sobra si Kap my Kap. But really, he is the one who wants to live simply. For all intents & purposes, he is the head of the family. Siya ang nagpapakain ss amin, not me. It’s a good thing that we were able to dispose of our scooter. He used to ride that going to the tennis court in our village with his heavy tennis bag backpacked as he rode merrily along, honking happily. Para lang McDo delivery ang peg nya coz his scooter was painted red & yellow, LOL. Mas tipid daw sa gas was his answer when I asked him why he preferred using the scooter over our cars parked outside.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because a rant is coming! ;P A couple of days ago, I called him to ask his whereabouts because it was way past lunchtime. As you know, Kap has several satellite businesses. Hindi naman kalakihan, but madami-dami rin syang pinagkakaabalahan. One is this car shop/paint shop. Actually hobby lang nya yan, it’s not our main source of income.

A lady customer was hassling him. Kesyo pinalitan daw yung seatbelt ng kotse nya & rear mirror. At marami pang iba. Of course Kap vehemently denied it & there was a discussion that according to him didn’t end well. To cut the story short, he just didn’t charge her for the many works done on her more-than-10-year-old car as good faith on his part. That was over 8k dapat! Anyway, when he got home, he left his celphone on the table. And as is my usual custom, I made kalikot it (fine, I use his IG account to like all my posts hehe), then I read a thread by this friggin lady customer.

Buti nasisikmura mo palamunin yang pamilya mo sa panloloko mo sa akin!”

Hindi ko babayaran yang pagawa ng kotse ko magnanakaw ka” and a lot more that I couldn’t stomach.


Omg. Nagdilim ang paningin ko. Gusto nyang tawagan ko si Anne Curtis to buy her & her friends? Who is this crazy AF woman named TESS talking to my husband this way! I was going to call her to give her a piece of my mind (in straight english!) & to tell her to go to hell when Kap suddenly came out from the shower & pacified me.

Does she think we’d get rich over her silly seatbelt? Manloloko nalang kami di sa big time na. Bakit sa bulok na CRV pa nya! And she doesn’t know us to accuse Kap of feeding his family from screwing people over. Please, Kap is the straightest person I know! @_@


You know, not so long ago. Not a month has passed even, this brand new red Ford Ranger bumped us from behind as we were on our way to attend an event in SOLAIRE. Fortunately for us, our CRV was tough, walang gasgas whereas the bumper of the Ford Ranger was basag talaga. The kind couple offered to give us 2k just for the hoolabaloo, but Kap declined the money. Kasi hindi siya balahurang tao. Aabutin ko na nga sana, LELS. The police was there & he didn’t even file a complaint! Ganyan sya ka-disente & just waved off the couple with a smile. Bakit daw nya kukunin yung pera eh wala naman gasgas at mas lugi pa daw sila.

I was really really upset for the longest time (obviously up to now) & gusto ko talagang huntingin at sabunutan. But Kap is really the level-headed one in our relationship. Huwag ko na daw patulan. To be the bigger person. The thing is, I don’t like it when Kap is maligned because they think he is basta-basta lang.


What they see is a smiling Kap in his simple everyday get-up with his simple seiko watch & silly statement tees. Oftentimes scraggly – but he works in a carshop & a gasoline station. Alangan naming naka-suit sya. What they don’t know is we own the lots where our businesses are. And we have not one but several businesses to keep us afloat kahit na hindi Henry Sy levelz. We live in a premiere village paid in cash with several assets to our name. Para lang sa lecheng seatbelt manloloko kami ng tao? I was really fuming.

Eto rin naman kasing si Kap. He is so grounded. Even with telemarketers he is always so nice & patient kaya humahaba ang usapan. Ako yan, a resounding NO agad, tapos ang usapan.

Moral lesson of the story is you really are what you wear. If you want repect, magsuot ng damit na maayos. How will anyone take you seriously naman pag ganito ang suot mo diba!



So ngayon, ako na ang wardrobe consultant ni Kap. Sunugin ko talaga lahat ng tshirt nya na mukhang yagit! Kaya TESS, nasaan ka man, ito ang para sayo! Pwede ba, hindi kami naghihirap. Makunat lang!


Never return. Malilintikan ka sa akin. Pramis yan.



Eto pa! Grrrrr! :|

PS: All t-shirt photos here belong to the TSHIRT PROJECT/SPOOFS. O ayan ha may plugging pa! Kasi naman nakigamit ako ng pictures. Wala pang paalam! :P #SorryTrulySorry





Now that I’ve said my piece..


Anyway, people who know us know that we are NOT scammers. Nasaan ka man TESS, makarma ka sana!



Oh life!

Anyway, speaking of t-shirts, please allow me to thank Eric & Jaz for supplying Kap with these hard to get, not for sale EB shirts #35years! O yes, sila ang may sala sa regular uniform ni Kap hehe. Many thanks Eric & Jaz we super appreciate the love & kindness you give to the whole GOppets fambam. And we love you back! <3


Thank you for making the special trip down south for our pressies, Yub! Huhuhu we love the YUPpy bunch! :-*


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