The Taylor Swift Experience! ;P

A night with a bunch of screaming tweens is not what I would call my ideal night. But what can I do? My baby adores Taylor Swift. So off to ticketnet I went. Unbelievable! First day of sales & all the tickets were sold out. Only the patron seats were available. Lagot! I thought to myself. ;P

I was thinking of a way to put her down gently & offer a shopping spree instead. After all, it’s 13k a pop & I can buy her soooo many beautiful things with that amount. Toys & clothes galore. Alas, it was not to be! As soon as she got home from school, my baby excitedly told me that her 2 bffs were watching the concert TOO! So she was really expecting to watch it. With them! ;P

I knew I couldn’t get out of this one for sure. I knew when I was beaten, so I bade farewell to my money.. I will surely miss it. ;))

Most expensive concert ticket I have ever bought in my entire life! @_@

February 19, the most anticipated day. Off we went to Araneta to watch the very expensive Taylor Swift concert! @_@

These happy smiles somehow makes the trouble & expense worth it! ;P
Lining up outside. People with no guaranteed seats had to queue from 2pm! @_@
Seats near the stage but when the concert started, everyone stood on their seats.
SO the little girls weren’t able to see anything! :((

A funny thing happened while we were waiting for the concert to start. ;)) My friend Bambi noticed that the 20-something guy she was sitting with left his backpack on his seat unattended. After 15 minutes, she started to get worried. She asked the person seated next to the vacant one if he was with the backpack owner. He was not. So they got started discussing “what if?” The person in front of her joined in, and another, and pretty soon guards were investigating the bag -but no one dared to open it! :)) So.. THE BAG was brought to the lost & found area.

15 more minutes passes.. the backpack owner comes strolling back with a smile at everyone. When he gets to his seat, he looks around and asks my friend “Where’s my bag?” To which she replied: “Dude, I’m not your friend, okay? You don’t just leave your bag unattended like that. Not after 9/11! We thought there was a BOMB!” Hehehe.. he looked flabbergasted! “A bomb?” he says with a look of amazement. So my friend told him to look for the guard in the Lost & Found area. ‘Til the concert ended, we never saw his face again, hahaha! :P I don’t think he wanted to sit with a bunch of what he thought were looneys. ;P

Moral lesson of the story? Dude, don’t leave your bag unattended. Coz we’re not friends! ;))

All in all, my baby had a fantastic & wonderful experience. And that’s all that mattered. :)

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