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The Swiss Deli Restaurant

Richard has been mentioning SWISS DELI RESTAURANT to me for the longest time, but I haven’t really been paying attention. Ang alam ko lang na swiss eh Toblerone & Rolex! Ay, saka swiss knife pala! :P My bad. So when he had to come to the south for a series of events a couple of Saturdays ago, he asked me again if I wanted to come along. And because trips with them are always fun & interesting, I nodded happily. <3

That was a really crazy Saturday, making a mad dash from one place to another from PINK EGG EPISODES, to ORANGE WHISK, and to one other even after Swiss Deli. But any time I can spend with the Co couple, I will take. <3 My cousins Richard & Irene have taken me under their wing ever since we found each other (crazy world!), and have been introducing me to interesting places, fab finds, and great people. Puno ang kalendaryo ko dahil sa kanila & I couldn’t be any happier!

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321 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City

Phone: 02 9850017, 02 9850028, 0908 8194880, 0908 8984893



Swiss Deli Restaurant is in the heart of BF Paranaque. You won’t miss it, this cow will make sure! ;)




Even with a full belly, looking at this board made me sooooo excited! <3



Many thanks to the generous owner JEFFRY LUA & wife RACHEL KEHL-LUA for their hospitality. The Kehls founded Swiss Deli in Davao & this lovely couple brought it here to Paranaque to be enjoyed by the Manileneans.


Their bestseller, the Houseblend Iced Tea, and Basil Lemonade 110 php in a mason jar. CUTENESS! <3


Fondue Cheese 600 php. This was a HUGE serving, value for money & serves 4-6 people. Comes with bread too that you dip in the Swizz Appenzeller, Ementhal, and Gruyere cheese. Opt without wine if dining with kids.


Sausage Platter 390 php. I like the pricing at Swiss Deli. It’s not over the top & the servings are all good for sharing! <3 Seen here are: Veal Bratwurst, Hungarian Sausage, Frankfurter, and English Banger. ALL LHAV!!! <3


Ask for mustard to bring out the flavors. :)


Mediterranean Pasta Salad 165 php. Seasonal greens served with Tuna Chunks & Italian Dressing.


Marinated Beef Ribs with Spatzle 300 php.


Pork Knuckle only at 385 php! Amazing, and smack right in BF Paranaque too! Why did I not know about this place???


Swiss misses & misters. ;)


My beauties who have been with me hopping around places all morning. :) They love spending time with their mommah which makes me very very happy! <3


Four Seasons 135 php.


Banana Cake 120 php.


Apple Streudel ala mode 120 php.


Caramel Cake 120 php which looks like the banana cake but the tastes are so pleasantly different. <3


SWISS DELI RESTAURANT serves breakfast too! Now this I gotta try! <3


Thank you Richard for taking us along -again! :)) And Thank you JEFFRY & RACHEL LUA for extending out bellies beyond belief! ;)) I’ll be sure to visit you again soon. Save some cheese for me please!

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