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The Spa & Lodge at Tagaytay Highlands

The past year had been very very good to us. Blessings came in many forms, through angels disguised as humans, and conveniently so at the most perfect of times. Truly, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” -Ecclesiastes 3:1

My Lovey’s 16th birthday was spent at Spectrum, Fairmont Hotel with a fabulous Lego Sunday Brunch for the entire family. Kap’s birthday was celebrated at Circles, Makati Shangri-La Manila where we had a romantic dinner for 2. Ate‘s birthday staycation was spent at the lovely Club Room of Hyatt City of Dreams Manila. And finally for my Babyson’s 18th birthday, we had a Staycation at B Hotel QC with a back-to-back Lunch at Four Seasons Hotpot & Buffet. We were blessed beyond measure by wonderful, generous friends & my heart simply overfloweth from their love

Before the year came to a close, we once again received some pahabol love & blessing, this time by Kap’s good friend of many years, JESSIE, and his family. I have always wondered what The Spa & Lodge at Tagaytay Highlands looked like but never got a chance to go inside as it’s a strictly “Member’s Only” lodging. Membership fee (when a slot becomes available) starts at 750k on top of the Club or Golf Share, with lodging benefits equivalent to only 21 stays/year/member. Hindi namin afford! :P





How lovely to wake up after a good night’s rest, look out your window, and see this magnificent view! <3 Kap likes waking up to the sound & sight of sea, while I prefer waking up to a view of the forest. Magkaiba talaga kami. Which landscape is more romantic ba?


Kap’s happy news was met with squeals of delight by the GOppets as he surprised us with a staycation for not just 1 room, but 2 last week courtesy of Jessie! Honeymoon galore kami ni Kap. Ang saya-saya! ;))


Even Kap has to admit that the Country Club Share we got at Tagaytay Highlands is most sulit. The view is just spectacular! Hindi nakakasawang tignan at puntahan, kahit pa pabalik-balik. <3 After our staycation, baka mauto ko syang kumuha na rin ng Spa & Lodge membership, teehee!



Tagaytay is around 1.5-2 hours away from home so we made a Buko Pie stop along the way (and a much needed wee-wee break!). The best Buko Pie for us is The ORIGINAL Buko Pie Bakeshop in Laguna. Siksik na siksik sa laman, and served piping hot from the oven.



It was a late foggy afternoon when we finally arrived at our destination. Brrrr! Conducive to loving-loving. ;)

The Spa & Lodge

Tagaytay Highlands, Calabuso, Tagaytay City, Philippines (046) 483 0848


Tagaytay Highlands, with its tall majestic pine & fir trees, really looks like a Christmas village. <3 Every nook & cranny is just instagrammable.



The Spa & Lodge, with its structure made entirely of Western Red Cedar logs, stands mighty & proud in the heart of Tagaytay Highlands. It has 25 well-appointed rooms with a continuing woodsy motif throughout.



God is so good! <3 Just over a month after my mom’s massive stroke, she is now up & about requiring a little assistance. God’s love & light shines upon her, she is truly favored! <3



One night at The Spa & Lodge is bitin. I can get used to living here. So tranquil & serene! <3 Now this is glamping at its finest. Pwede sa GOppets gals! \m/


PicMonkey Collagethe-spa-&-lodge-tagaytay-highlands-03

The Spa & Lodge is one big log cabin that smells like the woods! <3 No need for artificial air freshener. Ang bango-bango!



The 2 mudras (who are now super tight BFFs & have become inseparable) came along for a day trip. Tagaytay is too cold & windy for their liking so they went home after dinner. Nasolo ako ni Kap sa malaki naming banyo, lol! :P


PicMonkey Collagethe-spa-&-lodge-tagaytay-highlands-04


Room service is available. When you stay at The Spa & Lodge, be prepared to just laze around & do absolutely nothing! Relaxation after all, is the name of the game.




Jessie was so sweet to give us 2 rooms so we won’t be crowded. He knows we never leave home without the kids. So Kap & I had privacy for a night. KABOWG! ;)) Or so we thought..



But as usual, the kids came a-knockin’ and opted to stay with us to rule over our bed! @_@



It was a super breezy night at the Golfer’s Lounge. Perfect for some bulalo soup & Tagaytay Highland’s very own farm catch of Jumbo Bangus.



Giant! Dambuhalang bangus I tell you!



Garlic fried ried rice calls for a couple’a orders of crispy pata.. Yum! <3



It just so happened that my mom’s new helper was celebrating her 20th birth anniversary that very same day. We made sure to make her natal day special with a gift, a treat, and a song! :) Mahirap ang mawalay sa pamilya. Happy birthday, JOY! :-* Kaso mukhang hindi sya mahilig sa cake hehe. She only ate half. Hindi pa sya sanay kumain ala GOppets. Humanda ka Joy, we will train you well!


Elegant Borders 5


After the mudras left, we went for a joyride & found ourselves at Mushroom Burger just before its closing time. Though still so full from our recently concluded dinner, of course we had to have some ‘shrooms since we were already there!


Mushroom Burger. Tagaytay City Km. 60, Brgy. Kaybagal Tagaytay, Philippines Monday-Sunday – 7:30 am to 11:00 pm Tel: (+6346) 483-1330



Tried a Mushroomburger Regular 42 php made from beef and mushroom for folks like me who enjoy the classics. And a side dish of Mushroom Fries add 47 php.

For breakfast, the kids opted to skip the one at The Spa & Lodge and go for brunch at Breakfast at Antonio’s instead. It was the perfect decision allowing us to wake up late & move around at a leisurely pace..


The kids & I tried the new Omurice at Breakfast at Antonio’s. Super filling & a big serving. Great value for money.



Ate was craving for the cookies she had last time, so she ordered a bunch and ATE THEM ALL. Truly! Even I was shocked. They must be really REALLY good!



Because our stay was a gift, and he must have had a good night’s rest, Kap was feeling benevolent & let us choose our resto of choice. Good mood si Kap! ;P


Elegant Borders 5b



Loving the december sweater weather. <3 Happy new year from the GOppets! :-*

Thank you so much Jessie & Pie for this wonderful holiday gift that we enjoyed immensely! <3 Sana maulit muli hehe! ;)


Happy new year, everyone! <3 Let’s all wish for bigger, brighter, and better things to come this 2016!

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