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The Pantry, Dusit Thani Manila

Thursdays used to be Mom’s favorite day of the week. It’s because she gets to see the other half of her Apos. Right after lunch, she’d leave the office in a hurry to go to the grocery, buy a week’s supply of food, and bring ’em all the way to Pasig in high hopes that she’d get a glimpse of her babies.

And I can’t blame her. While she loves all her Apos equally, the other half literally grew up with her until they moved to another part of town. And she saw less & less of them. So yeah, Thursdays became her magical days.

But then, she got sick so she couldn’t do her usual activities anymore or go about her normal routine. Now Sundays have become her favorite day of the week because she gets to spend it will ALL her Apos.


Reunited & it feels so good. :) In order of appearance.. 22, 21, 21, 18, 17, 16.



Not as close as cousins should generally be since they didn’t grow up together & had very limited interaction.. but slowly getting there. Baby steps. Blood is blood, right? ;)

Sometimes, we’d eat at my house. Sometimes, out to restos. Lately though it’s been more out than home because of the renovation that’s happening in our new abode, and the lack of furniture in the current. I must admit I am so much happier eating out & discovering new eating hubs together as a big family. :) If only for that, I’d gladly have an extension on our home renovation, teehee!

The Pantry, Dusit Thani Manila

Dusit Thani Manila, Arnaiz Ave., Ayala Center, Makati (02) 238-8888


Dusit Thani Manila celebrates 2016 with the return of its popular Crossover Reloaded Sunday Brunch. Oh how I’ve missed it so. <3 From 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., you can indulge to your heart’s content in the sumptuous buffet offerings of both The Pantry and UMU as well as specialty spreads from the Kiddie Buffet and unlimited cocktails and smoothies at The Pantry Bar. To read my previous posts on the crossover buffet, CLICK HERE and HERE.



The Pantry is the “IN” resto now and everyone has been flocking to it like cray. I’m glad I was able to squeeze in a reservation for 14 pax at just a week’s notice. Whew!



The crossover buffet is priced at 2.5k/person. Admittedly steep even by my standards. If you’re not a heavy eater, then I suggest you just enjoy either The Pantry lunch buffet or Umu Japanese Buffet at around 1.8k individually. I mean let’s be practical, how much can you actually stretch your tummy’s limit in one sitting, right? One huge mistake on my part hehe, this hitting of 2 birds with one stone. Most of my companions were too full from The Pantry to head on to Umu. Sayang.



If you enjoy meat carvings & boiled seafoods, I would strongly advice you make The Pantry your choice, if you’re not having the crossover. Plus it’s the “IN” resto now like I said. The buffet already includes drinks, the usual fanfare, and kids’ entertainment at the lobby.



Lunch at The Pantry on Mondays to Fridays is P1,850 and P2,300 on weekends. For dinner Mondays to Thursdays, the price is around P2,100 while Fridays and Saturdays would cost about P2,350, then lowers to P1,900 every Sunday.  Take note that this is NOT the crossover buffet price.



PicMonkey Collage1


The roasting pit is one of the 2 more popular stations at The Pantry. I have to say, this cebu lechon is the most succulent, tastiest, and most tender meat I have ever tasted. Out of ALL I’ve had in my lifetime. I kid you not. It made me an instant fan after just 1 bite that I had to go for seconds in spite of Kap’s warning to pace myself huhu.



The carving station: choose from a slow-cooked lechon feast, maple-brined turkey dinner, roasted lamb just sitting there waiting for your taking, and a chargrilled US prime rib roast that comes with special trimmings such as roasted veggies, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and an assortment of zesty and creamy sauces. Noms! <3



The 2nd most popular station which Kap -despite his warnings to me not to overeat, kept going back to, was the uber fresh Boiling Seafood station filled with all sea creatures imaginable.



Don’t forget to indulge in LOVE-sters & giant Capiz clams. Oh my lordy!




Sandwiched by 2 handsome young men. <3 One is single & available, ladies! And the other one is “in a relationship” erm.. “it’s complicated” pala ang status haha.



Kap & I must’ve shared 5-6 servings of boiled seafood! @_@ I truly & deeply feared for my life, hehe. Cholesterol alert. #KapagTumigokAngPuso



Giant Capiz Clams. SOBRANG SARAP, zomg!



Whereas before, the Sunday Crossover Buffet entailed 4 stopovers, Benjarong & La Tosca now occupy a corner each at The Pantry for the guests’ convenience. If you’re doing the crossover, I would highly suggest you skip these 2 stations & head on over to UMU right after having your fill at the meat carving & boiled seafoods stations. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!



The kids, being kids, made the mistake of filling their young, untrained tummies with pizza & pasta, lol. They were stuffed silly after La Tosca. Surrender na sila! If you can’t resist the pasta, make sure you give it a go at the cheese wheel for an orgasmic experience! ;) I had a forkful of Ate‘s pasta & I totally forgot my name. Promise.


I repeat, if you’re doing the crossover buffet, SKIP ALL OTHER STATIONS & head on over to UMU right after the meat carving & boiled seafoods. Nasa huli ang pagsisisi, maniwala kayo!




Our happy table, drunk with such rich food. No more dinner for the rest of ya!



But the GOppets are trained to do full battle. We survived The Pantry & moved on to Umu. Belching happily all the way. :P



The secret? Cleanse your palate & take off the suya factor, I strongly advice some dessert in between. PERO KONTI LANG HA!



Take your pick.



Konti lang talaga! Parang ganito..




Ate got her kid game back on & squealed in delight at the candy station. Chef made her a box sampler & tied it to a helium balloon. How sweet! <3



The Pantry Bar’s selection of healthy drinks are the perfect smoothies which Ate & Kap enjoyed immensely. Refreshing flavors of Strawberry, Mango, Banana and Cucumber that are packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals for their healthy lifestyle. Uhm, coke zero for me please. :P



While our talunang companions gave up & covered their faces in shame under the table, team GOppets braved the challenge, crossed the short distance & headed on over to Umu for some teppan lovin’.



UMU Japanese Restaurant offers a taste of Japan. Enjoy UMU’s live cooking stations, private rooms and an al fresco dining area with a koi pond and a picturesque Japanese garden. This alone was worth a short walk to the teppanyaki tables.



There was this pesky mime that kept following us everywhere. Too annoying for words! :)) Watch the videos below..


Because it takes a while for the cooked foods, and due to the high demand vs. supply of scallops & wagyu steak (which are the first to go), DO have your fill -Grab & Go from UMU before heading on over to The Pantry. The buffet will always be there. The 3 teppanyaki tables however, are always full & there is quite a wait.


Initially, only 5 pcs. per person was alloted for the wagyu beef. I said NO. There was no way I was crossing back & forth for 5 measly bites & a considerable wait for the meat to be cooked & fall back in line for my turn, hello. He must’ve realized he wouldn’t win the argument so I went back to The Pantry with a plateful of wagyu beef  & a big smile.



Just so our tummies would settle a bit before the next wave, peechure peechure muna! :P #LandianBlues Super hot with the glaring sun. Take your photo op & leave. Immediately.



Hmmnnn. I noticed there are fewer sushi & sashimi choices than before. This is it pansit.



But I made up for these babies! LOVE! Scallops, shrimps, salmon & wagyu beef. Don’t give me the evil eye. Kap & I shared!!



Hooray, the gang’s all here!

Henyway, plenty of stars were also at The Pantry that day. Team Kramer, Team Panglinan, Ms. Universe Pia Wurtzbach, and of course Team Annabelle. Aba syempre, from one stage mother to the next, kay Annabelle ako naki-photo op! ;)) Nilagpasan ko talaga silang lahat and with my long hair na nagwawagayway behind me & my photographer (aka Kap) in tow, I said, “Day, pwede magpa-peechur? Smile naman sya. Go lang ‘Day!” Told ya, magka-levelz talaga kami! ;))



We-fie with THE infamous Annabelle Rama at The Pantry, Dusit Thani Manila. #mommygoals #momager #pataykangbataka Umayos ka Roppa (aka Ate ) Sundin ang payo ng nanay mo ‘Day. Mag-asawa ka ng may mansyon at malagong negosyo ok! :))

Ang haba nitong post diba. Buffet kasi, doble pa haha. Ok, The End na. :P

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