The Other Woman

So. Yesterday was hubby’s actual birthday. He had a day-long date with the original Mrs. __ that lasted from early morning to just before dinner time. #certifiedmommasboy

Our bff Marina sent over plenty of Contis yummy goodness. <3
Thank you so much dearest for always spoiling us & loving all of us so much! :-*
Yay! My night definitely looked A WHOLE LOT better! ;)
Syempre. Pag may nanay sya, may nanay din ako!
KKN! (Kanya-kanyang NANAY!)
Look at MIL’s smile. Ear-to-ear. Priceless hehe! :P
Her most probable bubble thought: YESSSS. WAGI AKO!

Eh nakita nyo naman ba ang higpit ng kapit ko k jowa?!?
I believe psychologists interpret this as.. “Nevermind.. Coz tonight, he’s MINE. Mwahaha!”
Talagang staking my claim. ;))

Clearly, MOTHERS rule!
(mothers trump wife ?!!?)
Remember this babyson! :P

Hence I, the “other woman”, have to be content on a post birthday date today. Boo! :( This has been going on since MIL was widowed 3 years ago. I’d like to think that I’m being “mature” about this, but I think I’ve just given up entirely & simply don’t care anymore hehe. I know when I’ve lost -I’m choosing my battles wisely. Besides, I know he’ll be eager to “make-up” to me that I’ll enjoy my date for sure -in short, hindi magtitipid si kapitan K sa date namin! :P

True enough, our date today will be in greenbelt. Yay! I’ll keep you posted! :P

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