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It was that time of the year again that we got to celebrate my super friendship’s birthday. Click HERE and HERE for her past fab celebrations. This year she decided to hold it at the Marriott Cafe of the Marriott Hotel, Manila.

Aside from another year in my super friendship’s life & good health and wealth for her and her family, I was happy that night for so many reasons..

1.) FOOD

My night started out great with this Twist & Shout Drink of the Month inclusive of a Lion stuffed toy.
500 php for the non-alcoholic, and 520 php for the alcoholic version.
Ok I must admit, I initially got it for the toy, but pretty soon the fruity punch got to me. :P

My forever plate #1. Sushi & Sashimi. <3
If stranded on an island, I can live on these alone. Plus a sushi chef of course.
Ay, saka mangigisda! :P

I know it doesn’t look appetizing, but I just love century eggs. <3
Best paired with jellyfish, but they didn’t have it at the Cafe, too bad.

Marriott Cafe prides itself in its fresh seafood catch, so I took advantage of that & had 2 plates of jumbo shrimps cooked 2 different ways.
This is the chili version which I enjoyed. A LOT!

This oriental one was so-so.

Marriott Cafe is also one the the very few hotel buffets that offer Malaysian Laksa.
This was a tad too sweet for my taste buds though. I like mine really really HOT & SPICY.

My (real) plate #2.
That’s seafood lasagna on the top left, in case you’re wondering what that yellow stuff is all about.

I got full too quickly since I just came from an event where Rowena of Animetric’s World invited me. And there was glorious food!
Plate #3. ;)

My table mates were gushing about the dessert buffet so I had another go.



Once a year, we get to have a reunion of sorts because of my super friend Sheila’s birthday.
If not for her, I don’t know when we will actually see each other. :P

Even Ate got to mingle with her girlfriends. We just LOVE the fashionable Ambray girls!!! <3



And of course, every year, thanks to my SF Sheila who is supah close with the other man in my life, I get to mingle with GABBY & stare dreamily into his beautiful eyes. <3 <3 <3
With Kap’s consent of course. For one night, pwede akong lumandi! ;))
At the end of the day, syempre kay Kap parin ako kinikilig ng husto.
He will always & forever be my dream guy. ;)


Happy, happy birthday again, my super friendship! May you achieve even greater heights of success & may you realize your goals & dreams. Love you! :-*

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