The New iPad

Yay! I’m so happy. I have a new iPad!!! <3

My lovely new white iPad! <3

It was really meant for ate, since she’s been hooked on books lately & I wanna encourage her to be a bookworm like me haha.

But it turns out she doesn’t want to read books from kindle -she likes the old-fashioned paper books that she can smell, highlight, and page-fold, so the new iPad went to ME instead.

Between her iphone & laptop, she didn’t want another gadget to play with, or so she claims.
Either that, or she just wants me to have the new ipad for myself teehee.

My old one (1st gen) was just too heavy & bulky. I am however, gonna miss the juicy case the 3 kids so lovingly gave me for my birthday a couple of years back! :'(( I’m still keeping it for years & years to come though..

heart+pink=love! <3

I’ve been eyeing the new iPad for ages but I didn’t want to shell out 30k for a new one. In the end though, my selfishness won out haha! In fairness, it really was meant for ate. ;P

Guess who bought my old one? Our Cook! She is such a great money saver -she is also the one who bought my babyson’s old iphone a while back. And Lavinia’s laptop. Such a sosi techie, this cook of ours! ;))

Got the new smart cover as well. In pink, of course! ;)

My new lightweight, more vivid iPad! <3

I must say, the new ipad is really a LOT better than the 1st gen. Clearer & more vivid. I’m so loving it! Ate! If you change your mind, it yours, k? <3

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