The National Library et al.

To say that I want to STRANGLE my babyson’s teacher is an understatement, LOL! In this modern HIGH TECH time, she MAKES her students GO to the National Library to search for data the old fashioned way. Of course, where the kids go, the parents are never far behind huhu. Such is my life.. (exag drama music in the background) ;P

So what I thought would be a relaxing, spiritual saturday at home on a rainy bedroom-y weather day, we were out trudging with the rest of the manila population to the National Library. I must admit, in all of my 40++ years, this was my first time to set foot in the building. I know, embarrassing right? Halatang hindi ako studious hehe.

One thing nice about my kids is they make EVERYTHING seem FUN! <3
They are forever happy. :)
Checking it out! ;P
1st step to obtaining a library card: Present a valid ID & 1×1 photo to the cashier & pay P50.00
2nd step: Proceed to the Philippine E-Library Kiosk for online registration. 

Yay! They are now officially listed! m/
They can even research online (I THINK!!!)
Tada.. library cards!

Okay. Just to warn you. When you go to the National Library. DO NOT BRING SO MANY THINGS because you need to go through a loooooonnnngggg line to deposit ALL your personal effects. It’s a good thing our car was parked just outside so we didn’t have to deposit our things. You cannot bring anything inside the library! @_@ Next. There is NO AIRCON so DO NOT GO DURING SUMMERTIME. Hindi lang mainit, mabaho pa. Promise! It’s a good thing when we went yesterday there was a little breeze. But the smell? OMG!

But you know one good thing that comes with going to Roxas Blvd? It’s fresh seafood!!! m/ As s treat for the kids coz they’ve been so good & uncomplaining, I took them to EMERALD GARDEN for some swahe goodness! <3

Emerald Garden

1170 Roxas Blvd., Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
(+63 2) 523-8510, (+63 2) 523-8515
Operating Hours
Open everyday for lunch at 11am to 2pm and dinner at 6pm to 10pm

Yes. Just soup for me again, thank you! ;P
Again, I just have to say that it is only by God’s Grace that I was able to refrain from attacking the pigeons, LELs! 
Salt & Peppered Pork 
1/2 kilo swahe 500.00 php
Yang Chow. The kids’ staple in every meal! ;)) 
Fried Pigeon. 500 php/bird.
Brocolli flower 
My loves..
Eating is their passion! ;))
Mango sago & Almond Jelly.
And you know what else is in Roxas Blvd??? Every parent’s NIGHTMARE, I tell you, hehe! :P
OMG. It’s MALL OF ASIA!!! @_@
And do you know what’s in MOA??
I’ll tell you. Zara! Forever 21! Uniqlo! Cotton On!
Oh di ba? Every parent’s NIGHTMARE! LOL…

My kids. They never fail to amuse me! <3
Such j3j3s! ;))

Guess who’s happiest now that Mommy’s fasting (from eating & shopping) is finally over!!! ;P 
Happy with their purchases! <3
I might just have to make excuses the next time they wanna go to the library again! :P
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