The Last Chukker

THE blogger extraordinaire Ms. Tina Tagle invited us out for lunch to celebrate her birthday. I know right? Couldn’t stop pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! ;))

I was set to deliver her birthday gift last monday but moved it to tuesday instead for our lunch, together with my good friend Med who is the VP of Ms. T’s fan club (syempre ako yung president!)


Ms. T wanted to treat us at Wildflour, but because I’m still sore at this establishment coz of the brouhaha with their much talked-about cronuts, So I asked her sweetly if we can have lunch at the very posh & very exclusive members-only Manila Polo Club instead. I just read her post on her lunch there with assistant Manette, and I got mighty jelly hahaha! Buti pa si Manette nakatungtong na sa MPC! ;)) Yes, makapal talaga ang mukha ko hehe. And yes, feeling close ako sa kanya, bakit ba! :P

An excerpt from Ms. Tina Tagle’s blog.. you’ll understand why so many are so hooked on reading her musings, rants, ravings, ramblings, and thoughts…

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 9

A friend of mine messaged me and asked what we were discussing cos we both look serious. If you only know what we were talking about!

Manette (my asistant) is hooked (like everyone else) on the teleserye “My husbands lover.” Not me. But during lunch time everyday she tells me the story, so technically I know the storyline.

Yesterday she was telling me: “alam na ng Papa ni Vincent na bakla sya!” And I said: “what? really? hindi sya ginulpi?” and so on and so forth.

Yan. Yan ang pina usapan namin kahapon over lunch. Kaya serious kaming dalawa.

The Last Chukker Manila Polo Club

Forbes Park – North, Makati (02) 817-0951 loc. 273

First time to set foot in Polo Club. Can you say.. EXCITED MUCH??? :P



She was so sweet & humored my request. Forgive me, this was my one & only chance to step foot inside the club. You can never say I don’t go for what I want, lels. #spoiledbrat

Med & I were there an hour before the agreed time. We were so excited to spend time again with our goddess & chika to the max.


Unfortunately, Ms. T’s kasambahay fainted (or assistant Manet -I can’t remember) just as she was about to set foot outside & had to be rushed to the hospital by our goddess herself. So Ms. T called us & had to cancel last minute. She was so nice though to still treat us to lunch at the club even though she couldn’t make it there. I knew there was a reason why I love her so! <3

Med & I were able to catch up with so much kwento anyway, and enjoyed our yummy lunch. It was too good to pass up haha..

Quattro Formaggi (mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan & laguna cheese) 520 php


Spaghettini ala Checca (roma tomatoes, garlic slivers and basil) 265 php


Homemade Black Pasta with Squid Rings (squid rings, garlic slivers, and basil) 320 php. This, along with the pizza, were the winners for our lunch date! <3 The pasta really exuded a strong black ink taste.


Decadent Chocolate Cake ala Mode 195 php


Pizza Mango with Vanilla Ice Cream 165 php. We loved the brick oven, wood-fired crust! <3 The mangoes were also perfect.


Our view as we were having our delicious lunch.. sosing sosi lang talaga! ;))

After our sumptuous lunch, I delivered her gift to her house, and of course I needed to take a photo of her guard. Kahit sya man lang ma-picturan ko noh! :P

Ms. T, thank you so very much for being so nice & generous to us, your fans. You really are a goddess! <3


I believe this was her OUTFIT OF THE DAY last tuesday, for our cancelled lunch. This photo belongs to Ms . T and was grabbed from her SHE DID IT ANYWAY blog site.


Yup. You read it right.. SHE LOVES ME TOO hahaha!!! ;) #megafantalagaako


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