The Jewelry Shop

I received a very pleasant surprise in the mail today! <3 My reader & co-blogger Kat from Cambodia sent me beautiful things from her online shop, how so very sweet! Thank you, Kat. You always make me feel so loved & special! <3

Pasalubong from her recent trip to Saigon! <3
Thank you for thinking of me, Kat! :-*

Kat just started her online business with her friend, pastry chef Mark Lesaca, who is Manila based -so they have the best of both worlds in terms of finding one of a kind fashion accessories here & abroad.

BFFs Kat & Mark :)

You may contact her thru Instagram..

Thank you Kat & Mark for my loot. I’m so happy I’m already using them! <3

And speaking of readers, thank you also to Donna for such a beautiful post. You made my heart sing! You guys are the best, I’m so blessed. :-*

Thank you, CHEEKEEGIRL! <3
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