The Jeepney at Intercontinental Manila

Last Tuesday, more than a week after my Lovey’s actual birthday, we were finally able to celebrate her special day as a complete family. <3 It was really hard cutting into her dad’s time last October. Boy am I glad we’re behind all that & can live normal lives again. I think this was the busiest time our family has even been our entire lives! :P

I made reservations at The Jeepney of the Intercontinental Manila. We’ve tried it once, I wasn’t quite impressed. That was years ago, I was hoping that maybe they would have better offerings this time around. So we thought of giving it a second chance..

Intercontinental Manila
No. 1 Ayala Avenue,
1226 Makati
Phone (02) 793 7000
Email manila@ihg.com

My stylish & lovely dalagita! <3 So grown up now.

The choices were still very limited. Buffet rates at The Jeepney costs PHP 1,315.00 net/person for Breakfast, PHP 1,810.00 net/person for Lunch or Dinner.

Daddy’s little darling! <3

Finally with the elusive busy, busy boys! @_@

The choices were really STILL very minimal, the food (even their dessert) not that great. I was hoping that after a long wait, I would be able to give my baby a sumptuous & worthy birthday dinner. Sorry my Lovey, mommy made the wrong choice!

Even during our family prayer, their dad was injecting his sense of humor. Natawa tuloy ang mga bagets habang nagdadasal! DADDY! @_@

Wala lang. In case you were wondering if there was something inside the cup! ;))


I asked for a thick slab, so it was really my fault when I couldn’t chew the steak. I should have asked for smaller thinner slices.

Mongolian BBQ

In fairness, the glass noodle was good & spicy the way I like it. The duck (lower left) was tender & juicy. The rib (lower right) flavorful but hard.

Pumpkin ginger soup. Too gingery for me. :P

But as always, what matters most is the company. <3 Everything else is a bonus, really.

I tend to favor fruits nowadays. I find the dessert items always too sweet so I stick with the fruits.

Except when ate surprised me with a glass of halo-halo..

which she also mixed for me. Told ya I’m so spoiled! <3 Thank you ate! :-*

Bullying her sister! :P

She was surprised because the cake was big! :) She was expecting the normal slice, not the whole thing. We are grateful for that. Thank you Cafe Jeepney! <3

I love my family! Finally we can go back to our regular programming. <3

My baby love specifically requested for Red Velvet cronuts before we left. Of course I did not deny her that. :)

Happy happy HAPPY 14th birthday my Lovey! <3 I hope I made each of your 14 birthday celebrations happy!! :-*

Btw, I have a post scheduled to go up tomorrow! A recap of my Lovey’s 14 celebrations.. and of course because ate has 19 things, I have 14 things for my baby as well! :) I don’t normally schedule one on sundays so you’ll miss me a little, but my backlogs ain’t cute anymore. I don’t wanna be too behind, so I sheduled one for last Sunday and also this Sunday. Do watch out for it. Up at 8AM as usual. Thanks guys! <3

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