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The Heat.. is On!

When a relative -your own flesh & blood, makes you gago, you have no other recourse but to fight for your right. Even if it means going to court & suing the living daylights out of them. Oh yes, the heat is definitely on!

Bakit ba may mga ganyang tao, yun bang tumanda nang walang pinagtandaan? People who are willing to sell their soul & forsake their own scion for a small amount of money. Ganyan na ba sila kagahamon? Money is really the root of all evil. Ay mali, dati na pala silang evil, lol. We just gave them the benefit of the doubt. And now, they have proven their worth(lessness).

When it comes to money and vested interest, walang kama-kamaganak, sorry to say. I hope I am a much better aunt to my nephews & niece than my own ever were to me when the time comes. Because of this experience, I am making sure that I will have no hold over my own kin -the future generation. I want to fix all the paperworks that need fixing now para si tukso, layuan ako. Yung malayong, malayong, malayo! ;P

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Life is not a bed of roses. I am so blessed in many other ways that of course, something had to give. I am just so thankful that with everything that is happening, Kap is always there to hold my hand & constantly remind me that I am not alone in my journey.

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It was my battle but Kap is my forever superhero, ready to take on the world for me & with me. <3 I am the luckiest woman alive in spite of the many problems life throws my way.


Kap: Sweetheart magpunas ka muna ng paws at uminom ka ng tubig. Ako na ang bahala. Look! May baon pa siyang panyo at tubig for me. Huhuhu! I’m so spoiled! <3


Estafa is the legal term used to describe swindling.  (1) there is an element of deceit or fraud used by the offender against the victim; and (2) as a result of the deceit, the victim suffered some form of damage or injury. This may mean loss of money, property, or the victim was cheated of something that was promised to him. Estafa is a punishable crime under Article 315 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines.

Knowing the sucky (pardon the language) judiciary system in the Philippines, it will probably take ages to get the result that I want -which is no mercy! And the process will probably outlive them crooks, but I am fighting for a principle.

I mean really, if you think about it, can we bring money & treasures to the other side? Isn’t a long lasting, loving impression so much better when laying your legacy? Wouldn’t it be nicer leaving this world with people crying over your parting & thanking God for the time you were able to share in this earth, rather than cursing you even after your demise? Titas of Manila sagutin nyo akooooo, anyareh? Bakit kayo nagkaganyan??? @_@

Mother was right not to trust them from day 1, and here I turned on her thinking she was just bitter ampalaya! And so now, it falls on my shoulder to make it right. Huhuhu. No to stress, idaan nalang sa kain!

The Heat, Edsa Shangri-La Manila

1 Garden Way, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Manila, Philippines (02) 633 8888


Only my 2nd time to eat at Heat.


When the dust finally settles, I will come here with the brood, check in, and enjoy the poolside. Soooo tranquil! <3


Soup for starters. Lunch buffet starts at 12 noon. I managed to worm my way thru the noodle station to get a bowl for Kap & I to share while waiting. Nakakagutom kaya magdemanda! :P


My usual Japanese plate. I love all of Shangri-La hotel chain’s buffets! <3 So fresh!


With you, I can do all things. <3


Because I was under duress, pinagbigyan ako ni Kap mag-lechon para kumalma hahaha! \m/


Last on my agenda, seafood!


Must have: make-your-own taho bowl.


And my meal ender, I promise you, sobrang nakakalamig ng ulo! :)


Catching up, our 2nd meeting with another lawyer. Walang katapusang problema huhu. With much power comes much responsibility. Parang gusto ko nalang tuloy iwan lahat at mamundok!

Meanwhile, the heat is on, FULL BLAST! Summer na, parang hindi ko nga na-feel man lang ang weeenter? ;)) This can only mean one thing, VACATION, yay!

Problema, please lang, tumabi ka muna.

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