The Farm Organics Restaurant

Organic. That was the magic word that prompted ate to ask me countless times if we could eat there sometime soon. She’s such a health buff now & eats meat only when absolutely necessary. She’s into brown rice & healthy living. Wish it would rub off on me too -I definitely could use it! :PThe other day, she came home earlier than usual. The 2 kids had things to do on their own, so it was the perfect timing to take her out on a date. She just loves our little time together where she has me all to herself & we just talk about anything under the sun (or the moon in this case). :)

Side note. Maybe I’m her peg for a perfect date that’s why her friends tease her that she has very high standards when it comes to men. And why not? I have raised her full of love & attention because she is one very special gal. She is beautiful as she is bright & compassionate. Whoever will make her heart beat should make her feel SUPER special as well & treat her right. Ate, never settle. The right man will come along who will be THE complete & perfect package for you, you’ll see. No need to rush. ;) You have me in the mean time. <3The Farm Organics located somewhere alongside Alabang 400 is co-owned by actors Oyo Boy Sotto & Kristine Hermosa.

Take the service road & you won’t miss it. Their steak photos scattered all over instagram makes anyone just about drool & salivate! So of course that’s what we immediately ordered.

The Farm RestaurantAlabang Hills

Don Jesus BlvdAlabang, Muntinlupa(02) 403-9130
You order & pay up front at the counter. 

I must say, the food on their menu are a bit pricey. Servings are small, and to be perfectly honest, the steak emitted a heavy kerosene taste. It felt like I was eating something dipped in gas. That’s also the comment of some friends who have tried their steak. The burgers are steady lang, the patties are chewy & lacked some oomph. Ate liked everything though coz maybe her taste buds are used to light seasoning, with her diet & all. Which is good coz the dinner experience was entirely for her to enjoy. <3

My gorgeous dinner date! The complete package! <3 #notforsale
Dalandan juice 100 php
They don’t serve soda.
Kesong Puti Caprese 390 php
With the price, I really was expecting more. In taste and quantity. It was ok lang.
Organic Bone Marrow 330 php
This one I couldn’t find fault. The taste was excellent. Even ate had some of this tub of lard! ;)
I asked our server if we could have extra bread though, he said NO without any explanation.
Ah, ok. Sorry kuya. You can’t go the extra mile, really? :P
Double Cheeseburger 380 php and ADDITIONAL order of fries 80 php.
I mean, who serves burger without fries? @_@
The burger was chewy and cooked well-done,  the fries were too salty as you can see with the amount of salt sprinkled.
I don’t know, the whole dinner was off for me.  
What we really came for.
Tenderloin Steak 250 g. at 600 php
It was dripping in oil that smelled like kerosene lamp. Parang nakababad sa gas!
Ate’s celphone cover hahaha. FUCK DIETS! ;))
Strawberry Cheesecake 190 php
We found this delish! ;)
Chocolate Cake 200 php
We were just about to tackle this baby but then my babyson called to be picked up, so we had to leave so I can attend to my other motherly duties.
I don’t know if it’s the regular crowd, but last night, the couple on a date at the table beside ours was loud & obnoxious. The guy had his feet up & was touching his soles periodically (barf!) and basta I can’t pinpoint it exactly but they were kaka-iba! At another table was a male balding caucasian loudly flirting with a high school (?) student half his age. Their convo & flirting was over the top. At first I though they were father & daughter. Later on we established that they were clearly not! #chismosa Maybe because the resto was small & intimate which is why I overly noticed these things. Ew.
The resto quickly filled up at around 7-ish.

Ate is making me write that the lady (?) beside us kept asking for ketchup for her burger when clearly the chef intended for the burgers to be ketchup-free, hence the absence of condiments on the table. She said it was in bad taste & an insult to the chef. But ate, the burgers really were lacking in flavor haha. If you weren’t giving me the evil eye I would have asked for one too, harhar! ;))

But as always, it’s the company that makes the dinner special. I had a wonderful evening with you ate, sorry we had to cut it short during dessert because of my other mommy duties. Thank you for valuing me so much & wanting my attention and company all the time. I’m just so happy to have the kind of relationship we have. Don’t ever change please? I love you!! #bffs4ever :-*

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