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Crimson Hotel Series: Breakfast at Cafe 8

Even when I was young, my mom would often tell me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. She would NEVER let me leave the house without first having breakfast, no matter how rushed I may be. So I’ve also employed the same attitude with my kids. Breakfast is always BIG in our family. It’s not something on the go. It’s a sit-down, full production thing.

And because we’re such breakfast lovers, we’ve been to practically every buffet places serving just that, and in all honesty, I can say that Crimson Hotel serves one of the most complete & yummy breakfast fare in the south! <3 Just look at the spread we enjoyed during our staycation at Crimson Hotel..



Because Mommy & Daddy woke up so late, the kids have already been to the gym & were famished by the time we all trotted down to Cafe 8 in search of a huge & promising brunch!


Cafe Eight, Crimson Hotel

Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, 2609 Civic Drive, Alabang, Muntinlupa (02) 863-2222 loc 1612
6:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Breakfast buffet 650 php



Breakfast is served from 6 – 10:30 AM so make sure you wake up on time. Upon checking in, you have a choice of getting the rate with no breakfast, and one with breakfast included. If your budget allows it, I strongly recommend that you get the package with -as the morning fare at Crimson Hotel is really so worth it. You can even skip lunch because the breakfast buffet is complete from A to Z and will keep you full & satisfied until dinner time! ;)


Sweet ham. One of my breakfast favorites! <3


Fried Milkfish. Best dipped in vinegar & chill. And don’t forget the garlic rice now! ;)


And because Crimson Hotel was still celebrating the Mexican Festival, Chili con Carne. Ole!


There’s a noodle station..


as well as a congee station. With so many toppings for variety.


But what gets me really excited is the crispy, crunchy BACON!!! It’s my WTF moment! <3


Beef Tapa


And Tocino. What is breakfast without tapa & tocino right?



In lieu of longaniza (boo!), sausage was served. But I had fun with my 2 pieces of sausage.


Working out early makes for very hungry girls. <3 Again, I love how they get along so well in spite of their 5 years age gap. Ate is such a good leader & example to her siblings. I’m really so blessed with ALL my kids. <3


Asado pork buns. Hot & steaming, perfect with a cup of tea.


Want some sandwiches? Crimson Hotel thought about that too so you can make the perfect sandwich & pile on these meats on top of one another!


Waldorf Salad. Coz an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? You can say that you ate healthy with this. :P


If you’re more of a bread than rice person, Crimson Hotel has a looooooong spread just for you! <3



Go wild with carbs, why don’t you?


And when I said getting the breakfast package is so worth it, I wasn’t lying. Beverages are already included in the buffet. Milk, coffee, juices, teas. Name it, they have it.


If you wanna go light, cereals are provided too. But WHY IN THE WORLD??? It’s a staycation. ENJOY!!!


The GOppets certainly did. Crimson Hotel is now one of our top go-to destination for breakfast. <3


My very happy plate. Shhhhhh!


To balance it out, here’s a side of fruits with yogurt, teehee! :P


Kap’s congee.


And because it’s a Saturday, and we were all together, Ate celebrated with a whole toast with buttah & jam! :P


I was so amazed that you can actually have ALL these for only 650.00 php! What a steal!  

For a complete listing of the menu, CLICK HERE.


Thank you so much CRIMSON HOTEL for such a fun & fab staycation! <3 And thank you so much Twinkle Lacsamana & Karina Leal for the invite. Home is where the heart is. And at Crimson Hotel, it’s like we never left home.

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