The Cohen Diet?

A friend of mine is doing the Cohen Diet now & swears it to be effective. No exercise, just controlled food depending on your blood type. So i thought yay great, NO EXERCISE!!! But then, I found out it costs 55k!!! @_@

My weight really didn’t bother me much, but lately I’ve been having chest pains & dizzy spells that I got REALLY SCARED na! And I’m already taking maintenance meds for hypertension, asthma & diabetes OMG! :( I can go without the rice, but it’s the cakes & pastries & lovely lovely chocolates & sparkling sodas constantly calling out my name that I can’t bear to part with! :((

Look at me before. I had the perfect (face &) body! ;P This is what got my Honey pie hook, line & sinker! :))

Over the years, I think I just got too complacent & plain lazy.. or just too contented with my looks & everyone accepting me the way I am that I forgot to take care of my body! :(

Like many mothers, I used “cravings” during my first trimester as an excuse
for eating everything I  coveted during my “perfect waistline” days.
But then again, I had the will power to bounce back!
I went to the gym 5 hours everyday after I had my son.
Although I didn’t get to my original size, I still managed to look great for his 1st birthday party! :P
1 husband & 3 kids to account for, I lost ALL desire to go to the gym & get back to my pre-married body.
I was too happy being with the hubby & kids 24/7, I didn’t notice my weight ballooning! @_@

I’m now past the age where my skin will bounce back to it’s original elasticity hehe. And let’s not talk about metabolism coz I think it hates me! @_@ I just look at food & I swear I automatically gain 10 pounds!!! But I really really wanna live long for my hunny & kids.

So. I have decided to take one step at a time. Call it baby steps. I will forego sodas from now on (God help me!!!). The next month I will forsake cakes & pastries! (I think that’s too much, maybe I’ll allow myself a serving once or twice a month at least!) Rice I can easily let go of. I will take in more veggies instead. It’s the exercising that I HATE the MOST! But I will force myself to go on the treadmill at least 3x/week ’til I fall in love with it! (Ha! yeah right!)

Since I can’t afford to go on the Cohen Diet, I promise to take better care of myself so I can be there for ate when she gets married.. walk up the stage on my son’s graduation from med school.. witness my baby’s 1st restaurant opening. And of course, so I can walk hand & cane with my Honey towards the sunset! <3

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