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The Cheese Cart

One of our suppliers for #JENAsaisquoi is The Cheese Cart. You may not know it, but our Bae loves grilled cheese (who doesn’t?). So we thought it would be fun to have this particular food cart for her after-program party. More casual, and more up the alley of young adults. Perfect too to go with bar drinks.


Have The Cheese Cart roll on over to your next event. Full service catering is available for parties of all sizes. Grilled cheeses are cooked onsite, in or outside the event area. Ready for virtually any event you plan to have – wedding, cocktail reception, birthday party, sporting event, TV show, and everything in between! <3

Hardly anything can ever top the comfort you get from a classic grilled cheese sandwich! Imagine soft, gooey mozzarella cheese oozing from in between two slices of grilled-to-a-crunch handcrafted bread, brushed with velvety, savory butter. Now, close your eyes & picture  that first glorious bite as you sink your teeth into that perfectly griddled sandwich, sending your soul to sweet, sweet nirvana and beyond! Have I got you drooling yet? ;)

And that’s just with the classic grilled cheese. What more if it were made with FLAVORED grilled cheese in between artisanal bread? Now THAT would be heaven!

The Cheese Cart Specialty Melts

For bookings & inquiries, call 0917-5242324 or 09989957762 or email them at
  • 3 CHEESE – mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar blend | artisan sourdough bread
  • TRIPLE WHITE – ricotta, cream cheese, and mozzarella blend | garlic confit | artisan sourdough bread
  • ITALIAN PESTO – parmesan and mozzarella blend | homemade basil pesto | artisan sourdough bread
  • CHEDDAR PUMPKIN – cheddar and mozzarella blend | homemade pumpkin butter | artisan sourdough bread
  • S’MORES – milk chocolate and marshmallow blend | artisan sourdough bread
  • aaaand the 5 we tried..


FRENCH ONION – gruyere and mozzarella blend | homemade onion jam | artisan rosemary garlic bread


Bae’s favorite among the ones we tried, the MUSHROOM MELT – gruyere, mozzarella and cheddar blend | sautéed shitake and button mushrooms | artisan rosemary garlic bread


My favorite, this KIMCHEESE – mozzarella and cheddar blend | kimchi mixture | artisan sourdough bread. There’s a kick of spice here which made me very very happy indeed!


SPINACH & ARTICHOKE – cream cheese and mozzarella blend | sautéed spinach and artichoke | artisan multigrain bread


STRAWBERRY BRIE – brie and mozzarella blend | homemade strawberry jam | artisan sourdough bread

We went with the first 3 as we were stumped & couldn’t decide among the 5 that we tried. Honestly, they were all SO good! <3 We could have eeny-meeny-miney-moed & any 3 would have been a sure hit. I mean, how can anything go wrong with grilled cheese, right? ‘)

TBH, our dear Jena’s guests had more fun with these designer grilled cheese spread over the hoity-toity French food at the buffet, lol!

And dare I say.. so did we??? <3

Private Event Pricing and Options:

You may choose up to 2 flavors for option A and up to 3 flavors for options B, C, D, E, and F. For food tasting, you may choose up to 3 flavors during contract signing.

A.) 100 servings – P16,500 (P165/pc) B.) 150 servings – P23,500 (157/pc) C.) 200 servings – P29,900 (150/pc) D.) 250 servings – P36,000 (144/pc) E.) 300 servings – P41,800 (139/pc) F.) 350 servings – P46,900 (134/pc)


The Cheese Cart will be rolling over an actual cart to your event together with two (2) of their friendly staff. This cart contains all the ingredients needed in making the grilled cheese sandwiches as well as all the plateware, utensils, condiments, and all the other stuff you’ll need to complement the menu you’ve chosen. If you choose to go for a buffet style service, The Cheese Cart will also provide all items necessary to hold and serve the food. They cook on the spot so everything is guaranteed fresh and hot! The sourdough bread filled with the cheese mixes you choose is brushed generously with butter and grilled to perfection until bread is crunchy and oozing with gooey, melted cheese. <3

Pick your artisan bread:

Classic Sourdough bread Rosemary Garlic bread Multigrain bread

Choose you Add Ons (Optional):

  • Creamy old-fashioned Tomato Soup – P1,800/50 cups (8oz./cup) Bacon – P650/50 pieces of sandwich
    Honey Ham – P550/50 pieces of sandwich
    Jalapenos – P450/50 pieces of sandwich
  • Sliced pickles – P400/50 pieces of sandwich Arugula – P450/50 pieces of sandwich
    Truffle Oil – P400/50 pieces of sandwich Sliced Tomatoes – P200/50 pieces of sandwich

Other charges:

  • 10% Service Fee **P500/additional hour
  • All rates are subject to change without prior notice, rates EXCLUSIVE of transport charge depending on venue due to regular changes of rates


The Cheese Cart is owned by one of the managing partners of the GOppets’ favorite hangout here in the South, TUS restaurant Chef Krsna Sui Algenio. Thank you dearest Kai, Krsna, and Krizia for the never-ending love!! :-*

Thank you so much dear Kai & Krsna for always being with us at every milestone. And thank you too for the uber mouthwatering grilled cheese spread that Baa’s guests -young & old, enjoyed.

Congratulations on another successful business venture! :-*

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