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After our Korean lunch at Matgalne, I asked the kids if it was okay to have dessert at THE CAKE PLANET & CAFE in Paranaque since we had Anderson for the day. I was feeling adventurous, lels. Besides, korean restaurants only offered one thing for dessert: Melona Ice Cream! And I was in the mood for some ravishing dessert after I saw pictures upon pictures of drool-worthy cakes.

From SLEX, turn right at SM Bicutan. Follow the road until you see PNB Bicutan branch on your right.

John said they will be renovating soon so be prepared for a new & updated look! :)

Chef John Sta. Cruz, who is my Instagram friend (I’m so very flattered to claim), owns the lovely cafe & is the man behind all the cake creations. He is an ambassador for Magnolia Gold Pure & Creamy Butter which says a lot. Because we know Magnolia, and how strictly protective it is of its brand name. They wouldn’t just get anybody to be their emissary if the chefs didn’t exceed the company’s high expectations.

So I really expected nothing but the best when we visited John’s cake shop. And he didn’t fail me.

Instagram: @thecakeplanetandcafe

(This photo belongs to TCPC)
Chef John whom I have yet to meet.
I was really looking forward to meeting him when I paid his cafe a surprise visit.
Unfortunately, he wasn’t around. Which just means I’m due for another stopover just so I can finally meet this very talented man. :)

(This photo belongs to TCPC)
John’s best sellers are: Turtle pie (which we loved!), Mango Empress, Chocolate Macadamia Sans Rival & the Super Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake.
Make sure you get to try those when you pop in for a visit.
Although looking at the chiller display, I couldn’t really pick which one I wanted the best because they all looked so temptingly delicious! @_@

Because I’m F.C. (feeling close) to him, I was able to ask if we (meaning ate who definitely takes better & more creative shots) could take photos of the cakes up close & personal. It was sad taking chiller photos, the pictures just didn’t do the cakes justice..

See? Isn’t it much better up close & personal? :)
Pistachio Sansrival 150 php/slice

Twelve (Cashew Praline Sansrival) 150 php/slice

Chocolate Macadamia Sansrival 150 php/slice

Red Velvet Crown 145 php/slice

Chocolate Yema Cake

Not your ordinary Banoffee Pie 150 php

Violet Crumble; Classic Rhum Cake; Towering Creme Brulee cake 150 php each.

Ultimate Chocolate Decadence

Mango Empress 150 php/slice

Lemon Walnut Torte 170 php/slice

Turtle Pie 150 php/slice

Tiramisu 140 php/slice

I really, really wanted to try ALL. But the cakes were sweet, and my blood sugar is already sky high as it is. I was afraid I’d go into diabetic shock if I attempted to give in to my primal desires & stuff my face with these lovely, lovely cakes. @_@. So we narrowed down our choices to five cake selections. 3 for us, and 2 for take home. Pasalubong for my Lovey & Kap. <3

Ate’s Turtle pie. She was so nice let me have a taste. I loved it because of the dark chocolate ingredient.

My babyson’s Carrot Cake 160 php

Sorry, I unintentionally took several forkfuls before I remembered to take a photo of my Salted Caramel Cake 175 php hehe.
This is actually bigger, nabawasan lang! :) #angtakawkasi

Coffee Americano 75 php..
and my binata na malayo sobra ang tanaw. Sino ang iniisip! :P

And because I like to pretend that I’m a model..

Pagbigyan nyo na ako minsan lang naman! :P #wannabe

My super good-looking kids who can pass as John’s cake models! <3 Ehem, attention John! ;))

There were a lot of cakes I would have loved to try, but I needed to pace myself. Good thing is, I have an excuse to go back. YAY! m/

Ate. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. You are as beautiful as you are amazing, and I just love you! :-* Babyson, thank you for coming with me. I know you were antsy to meet up with your chikababe, but you allowed me to have my cake & eat it too at a reasonable pace (kahit na panay ang buntong-hininga mo)! ;) Lovey, don’t worry, I will most definitely take you on my next visit. I truly missed having you on our food trip. Love, love, love to you three! <3

PS: Thank you also to John’s barista, Eugene, who so patiently brought out cake after cake so we (yeah.. meaning ATE, hehe) could take photos of the lovely cakes!

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