The Cake Club

I’ve been curious about The Cake Club, having read about it left & right. We’ve sampled their ISPAHAN in Rockwell -can’t say I’m a big fan. Pretty to look at and oh so colorful, but sickeningly sweet. Maybe I’m just not that into macarons.

Ispahan 250 php
Made of French pink macaroon with fresh raspberries filling. This is the Cake Club’s homage to dessert god Pierre Herme. There’s some essence of rose, and fresh lychees, too, making this a very fruity dessert.
The Vanessa, named after the first female general manager of the hotel, is pistachio filling with fresh strawberries.

Yesterday, with my 2 beautiful girls playing hooky with me (Lovey just finished her I.R. defense & ate only had a Variety show to watch), I thought of taking them to the “real” Cake Club for a ladies brunch to start our busy day. Not its random nook-in-the-mall version. Wrong move. I should probably have taken them to BGC instead.

The ambience of The Cake Club at the Diamond Hotel Lobby was too stiff & sorry to say, downright cold & ugly. :P It’s more of a businessman’s lobby. (And not the suit & tie type ha. The asian/foreigner kind!) Based on the name, I was hoping for a Hansel & Gretel type of surroundings, or at least a gingerbread house. Hindi pala. Yeah.. I should have taken them to BGC.

Welcome to The Diamond Hotel :)
Upon your entrance..
To the Right is the Reception Area..
Straight ahead is the Corniche Cafe..
And to the Left is The Cake Club/Hotel Lobby. 
You’d think they would have an assortment. Drool-worthy of the name they carry.
This is it, ladies & gentlemen. </3 
I found this faux cherry blossom tree more interesting. ;))
With those lovely girls posing in front of the lucky money tree! 
I wanted to steal one! ;P

We ordered the Truffle Fries. It’s ok lang. Not too oily, super crunchy. <3 I couldn’t taste the truffle in it though, parang over-priced na regular fries lang. But maybe it’s coz of my colds.

Ate admonished me when I dipped in the ketchup.
Truffle lesson 101: No dipping on anything whatsoever. Eat it alone! :P
Oo nga naman hehe.

For the main dish, we got the Slow Roasted Beef Belly with red rice, Roast Chicken with potatoes, and Baked Salmon with barley risotto. The choices are really few -like just 4 from the main entrees. Some sandwiches, soup, salad & pasta. That’s basically it. Well DUH, it IS the CAKE club after all. :P

Slow Roasted Beef Belly 480 php.
Loved it. The meat was tender & juicy. Bursting with flavors.
I loved the mustard paste on the side. It complemented well with the meat.
Roast Chicken with potatoes 450 php
A bit on the dry side. What’s up with that? Considering it’s dark meat. 
Baked Salmon 575 php.
Ate didn’t like the toppings. Or the sidings haha.
I was more than ok with it. Maybe we should have switched, my poor ate. :(

OMG. The taste! <3 It more than compensated for the blah surroundings (just for The Cake Club area. The rest of the hotel is fine). Superb hotel quality food. My Lovey’s chicken was a bit on the dry side though -and yes I’m talking about brown meat here. But she liked it anyway. And ate got creeped out by the Barley Risotto haha. The servings were pretty ok. I initially thought they’d be hoity-toity small. I was pleasantly surprised to see our plates filled! m/ Maybe they should push their main meals more than their desserts? ;P

Ate‘s not very adventurous when it comes to food. Unlike the 2 younger ones who’ll go for just about anything.
She says no to Korean, Indian & anything else that strays away from her definition of “normal” food haha.

And speaking of dessert, their meager cake selection on display didn’t scream out to us. And that’s saying a lot coz you know how I just L-O-V-E dessert! So I asked for the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake from Corniche instead. If I can’t find happiness in their cakes, by golly I’ll have something chocolate-y married with peanut butter! ;P Surprise surprise.. IT WAS GOOD! <3 and richly calorific! Maybe I’ll stay away from just the ISPAHAN next time & give the rest a chance.

zOMG look at how rich it is.
My perfect combination of dark chocolate & gooey peanut butter.  I also loved the surprise rice crispies (?) on the bottom! <3

I just wish they’d take better measures of the FLY situation. Those buggers kept landing on our food -had to send our plates back to the kitchen for replacement TWICE. @_@ Langaw inside the hotel? Not cool!

On a different note, for those of you who have received my e-books via email, I hope you’re enjoying them. Will probably last you the whole year through haha. And for the rest who are interested but didn’t read the notice on my previous post, just leave your email on the comment section below, and I’ll send some to you as well. Like ate always says, sharing is caring. And I do CARE for you, my dear readers! <3 Mwah! :-*

PS- I was wrong. Same lang pala ang ambience in BGC. Maybe they should get a happier interior decorator.. or change their name! :P

The Cake Club with so little cakes on display.

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