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The Bellevue Manila, a Third Time

On my 2nd staycation at The Bellevue Manila, I was a fleeting & social butterfly to my 14 blogger guests & their families. So this 3rd time around when I was hosting only LOUISE FANDINO of MOMMY PRACTICALITY & her awesome family, I had more of a down time & was able to let my hair loose somewhat, with just 1 friend & her family to entertain. ;)


The first time I laid eyes on Louise at our F1 Staycation, I knew we were kindred spirits. We had basically the same temperament -both sugary sweet & BARNEY oriented to all especially sa servers & staff (ma-please & thank you, those are the magic words) at every turn. ;)) Even in text messaging we are so the same. Ako si “mwah!! mwah!!” Siya naman si “huuuggggss!!!” Oh yez, we both like exclamation points too! ;)) Plus, she was really so warm & nice to me from the get go that I wanted know her more. And get to know her I did as we spent 3 happy days together at THE hotel to go to in the South -BELLEVUE MANILA! <3



Louise & her family were supposed to be with the previous batch, but her family -yes all of them, came down with a bout of flu & fever so she had to beg off the last minute. The Bellevue Manila was so gracious to reschedule her stay even though they were booked to the roof for the Easter weekend.



Meet the shy & soft-spoken but very nice & supportive MACKY, the Daddy Practicality behind Mommy Practicality. ;) I’ve tried my best to engage him in conversations but umuwi akong luhaan haha. Maybe on our THIRD staycation together, close na close na talaga kami! ;))



And the Baby Practicalities.. DANDRE & WES! <3 Dandre was a little gentleman & engaged me in adult conversations. He is an old soul with great manners. Mommy & daddy practicality raised him well! \m/


Cafe d’Asie is easily my favorite buffet restaurant in the South. <3 And I’m not just saying that because they’re my sponsor. <3 All my photos can vouch for the happiness that I feel whenever I’m within the hotel perimeter, lels.


homer photo 3

Homer was so nice & helpful as he tossed my Caesar salad for me! He must have seen the confusion on mah fez as I looked helplessly at all the ingredients in front of me. Yezzzz, pati salad hindi ako marunong gumawa ng sarili, sorry na! :'(



I’m not only the queen of the south (yes, feelingera moment), but I’m also the queen of Japanese food. This is always my first plate. Have some sushi? Me so happy! ;)



And next on my list will forever be steak. My peeps at home, grabe maka-sunog ng steak. So any chance I get to see some pink on my meat, I definitely go for it with a passion! <3



I was so happy to have both mudrabells join us for lunch. It’s not often they get out of the house so this was a real treat. Thank you The Bellevue Manila! <3


The girls swam for a bit after our heavy lunch, but continued their water play in the comforts of our luxurious bathroom since the pool was jam-packed with vacationers for the Easter weekend.


xphoto 1

Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic from LUSH. My girls love lush products! As in they are always lurking in their stores loving the smells & buying all things fragrant!


xphoto 2

Even at home, they would find happiness soaking in different colored water -especially this summer. They are forever soaking so our water bill is SO HIGH! @_@


All that splashing made them hungry so we went to the SIGNATURE CLUB for some pre-dinner drinks.. but ended up eating anyway because the spread just looked so darn good! @_@ #whatispamatay




Mommy & Daddy Practicality were so nice to agree to be my models for The Signature Club photos hahaha! I really loved their family & I wish we can have many more bonding moments in the future! <3




Yes, I’m ashamed to admit. Drinks turned to eating! :P


May take 2 pa! :P



A light mimosa for my tweener, a rum coke for my dalaga, and a gin tonic for me. Cocktails & drinks are available for free at The Signature Club from 6-8PM when you’re checked in at the suites or signature floor.


The other meals that I shared with my readers-turned-friends will be on my next post. That’s tomorrow. Please do come back for that. :)


Because of our heavy meals, we decided to skip breakfast altogether for the 2 mornings of our staycation. Which is so sad because I missed Bellevue Manila’s BAKED BACON!! </3 But it was that or lunch. So I chose lunch. Bye bacon! :'((




But it wasn’t that sad a goodbye because I got to say hello naman to duck! YAY!! \m/ For our Day 2 lunch, Louise & I split a lovely roasted duck down the middle. Hating kapatid talaga! ;) Again, the mudrabells were able to join us since my boys were out of town & the girls & I simply cannot eat all these yummy food provided by The Bellevue Hotel! <3



First way.. my favorite! <3


Second way. In ginger sauce.


I’m so liking the smoothies in Phoenix Court! For the mudrabells, I ordered the Blueberry & Tofu Smoothie & the Phoenix Tropical Tea Smoothie. They both loved their healthy, refreshing drinks! <3



Okay, MIL is def not smiling here, but lemme assure you that they both loved their drinks hehe! ;))


Because there were 5 of us, we were able to order all the 5 kinds of soup available for the ALL-DIMSUM menu in Phoenix Court. So you get to see what each looks like. ;) From top: Chicken Soup, Wonton Noodle Soup, Hot & Sour Soup, Corn Soup, Minced Beef Soup.



We were also able to order both veggie dishes included in the ALL-DIMSUM menu for you to see.. One is Kailan (R), the other is chinese pechay (L).




The Bellevue Manila offers FAST unlimited broadband internet access in rooms & dining outlets to all checked-in guests. I was able to do a lot of blogging during our down time in our very cold, very comfy room.


photo 3

The Bellevue Manila has TWO gym outlets. One is in the Main Building which is currently under renovation, and the other at the Tower WIng. Guess who was a constant visitor! @_@



Post work-out glow. Siguro kaya wala akong glow, kasi wala din akong work-out! Okay, goodbye glow! :P


I have a separate post for our WOK FRY SPECIAL dinner at PHOENIX COURT scheduled for May 09, Friday. Please do come back for that! :)


We really loved our 2 succeeding weekend staycations at The Bellevue Manila. <3 We were pampered to the fullest. Our room was posh, comfy, lovely & cool in spite of the summer heat. All our needs were taken care of, and each of the staff was friendly, amazing & accommodating. Come Saturday night, we were already so sad to bid adieu to the hotel we have come to call our 2nd home! :'((






Thank you so much RYAN CHAN, the entire CHAN FAMILY, and THE BELLEVUE MANILA for the staycation of a lifetime! Thank you too to the very patient & very efficient MAUI ARCEO who arranged everything & inherited my account from JEHN DOMINGO midway but still managed to make our stay most pleasant, magical, and wonderful. <3





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