Thanksgiving celebration came a day late for us. But for the blessed and grateful, every day is thanksgiving day. :)

This life is as perfect as it can get. <3
“Stole” this from you, Shawie! :P Hope you don’t mind, teehee! <3

I have so many things to be thankful for this year.,,

For my family’s good health.

For what is wealth without health?
I always pray for the pinkest of health for all those that I love.

For the presence of our parents.

For My hunny bunny, who inspite of being a Kapitan K (kunat), remains loving and thoughtful (basta wala lang money involved hehe!) throughout our 26 years of being together.

Still so in love with you, Honey!
My soulmate! <3

For my beautiful, wonderful, adorable tadpoles, who remain to be my source of joy & inspiration day by day.

I love my tadpoles! <3 Warts & all! :P

For new brothers & sisters.. and finally -cousins for my kids in the person of the Buensalidas, the Dayrits, and the Misons. The 1st quarter of the year was really painful & tough for a member of our family, but these people made it a lot better just by being there for us, rallying behind us. Friendship came when we needed it the most, I’ll always be thankful to God for that.

Our ates & kuyas. <3
Friends are the family you choose. The family you want.
Our new extended family.
Less than a year of friendship & yet we have gone to so many places together, experienced so many things together which has made us so close that 1 year seems like a lifetime already.
I will always be grateful for their presence in our lives at the time we needed them the most.
They are the cousins the kids never had.

For learning to let go & finally say goodbye.

If you still talk about them, then you still care.
So let’s not talk about them anymore. And throw the memories in the trash where it (and they) belong.

For the bounty in spite of hard times.

A very long table for our BIG family! <3
Celebrate Thanksgiving with Neil’s Kitchen’s Moist Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry & Gravy P750/kg min of 6 kgs.
300 Makiling St. cor Balabac St. Ayala Alabang Village7108962/09285247404

Incomplete! Some family members still missing.. :P
Contis Sans Rival cake. Oh-em-gee! DELISH! <3
A perfect ender for a sumptuous dinner.

For the joy that a new pet brought into our lives.

Oh Jela. You are such a delight! <3

For ate’s successful transition into college, and a fantabulous coming out party.

Look at this picture. You can sense that she’s really happy right?
She’s on the right track, I’m happy! <3

For old friends and new friends we have met along the way. And yes, even for KUPAL, who makes my union with my hunny stronger with every attack he makes. For new businesses & opportunities.

Tonight, as Jojo led the prayer for our thanksgiving meal, I felt a twinge of guilt as he prayed for less fortunate people who haven’t even had their 1st meal of the day while I had so much on my plate. Who have no shelter to rest upon while I enjoyed the comforts of our spacious, air-conditioned  homes. Those who have nothing to their name while I surround myself with unnecessary & expensive material things. Those who have no one to call their own while I am surrounded with people who genuinely love me & care for me.

My ate Marita wrestling with our huge turkey, and Jojo. <3
My chosen family! <3

Lord, may I forever be grateful for all that you have blessed me with, and learn to share my blessings with people who need them the most. May I never take your love for granted, and learn to love my neighbor in spite of. Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :-*

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