Thank you, Lamierda!

I’m just an ordinary citizen. A wife, a mom, a friend. I don’t save lives, I haven’t found the cure for any disease.. I’m really no one special, except of course in the eyes of my family. So I really appreciate it when once in a while, my readers reach out to me & make the time and effort to show me I’m loved & appreciated even when they don’t know me personally.

I received an email today from REJI ROXAS as my Lovey & I were on a date. I do my best to reply asap -as long as I have internet connection, I do it as soon as I can. That’s the least I can do when you, my dearest readers reach out in spite of your busy lives. It really warms my heart that you value me enough to send me a line or two.

Reji went one step further & dedicated an entire blog post to me! <3 I was so overwhelmed. He has graciously allowed me to re-post his blog here. Thank you so very much, Reji, for honoring me with your kind words.

Btw, C.M. stands for CHINESE MUDRA kasi ako daw ang chinese mother nya, lels! :P

I would also like to take this opportunity to say Hi to Mark Letran a.k.a. MAK! ;) He added me on Instagram a while back & mentioned that he reads my blog. I was curious so I hopped on over to his account & looked at his pictures on Instagram. He is young, handsome (oh yan ha! Blow-out mo ako ng McDo!!!), and an athlete -macho for short. I really don’t know how he got to reading my blog. I didn’t think I even catered to his crowd, haha. My own babyson gets bored reading my posts, so Mak, THANK YOU for even taking the time to read mine!

What team do you play for Mak?
He’s so sweet to have collected a COMPLETE SET of the Mc Donald’s Happy Meal Minions for his girlfriend.
Ate, sana pag nagka-boyfriend ka na ganyan din ka-sweet ha? Saka kasali ako sa pag-libre! ;P

Your pictures with your lovely girlfriend remind me of my own ligawan days with Kap. Ganyang ganyan din kami. He played basketball for our school team & I was his #1 fan. At ganyan din kami ka-gwapo at kaganda DATI, hahaha! #mashonda_na

Anyway, thank you so much to all of you who always manage to brighten my day with your thoughtfulness, kindness, and support!!! Huwag sana kayong magsawa. <3

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