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The girls & I went to SM Southmall to purchase concert tickets 3 weeks ago. Actually, I had already purchased the tickets ONLINE but apparently, you can only print a claiming voucher for SM tickets. You still need to head over to show your actual credit card & what-nots before actually getting hold of the REAL tickets. Hmmmnnn, there’s something wrong in this complicated system somewhere.


Anyway, we were there for an eternity and the system was still down. I figured we’d just wait it out since we were already there, so we had an early dinner as we waited. SM South Mall has new exciting restos we were just itching to try, one of which is this ok-looking Japanese resto TETSU.






I like being surrounded by happy people! It adds to my already happy day. :)





Salmon Mayo Maki 198 php
Negitoro Maki 193 php (not in photo)
Both orders were teeny tiny rolls with very little raw fish fillings.




Gyoza 248 php



After having tasted Japan’s #1 Gyoza, I was quite disappointed with how little filling this gyoza had.
It was like eating air.




Kalbi Yakiniku 378 php


Saikoro Steak 555 php
Pricey for just a few pieces, but the beef cuts were tender & juicy. Truly prime beef. <3




Yasai Itame 148 php
I wish our server told us that the 2 meat platters above already had an abundance of Yasai Itame incorporated so we could have done away this.
As it was, na-empacho kami sa sobrang yasai itame. ;P


Yakisoba 295 php
Sorry but this was beyond terrible. I don’t know if the noodles they used was old but there was just something off with this particular dish.




5-pcs. Ebi Tempura 378 php
I think this was the winner for the night. The batter was light & fluffy, the Ebi huge & crunchy.




Chashu Yakimeshi (fried rice) 178 php/bowl
I found this really pricey. Almost 200 for a bowl of fried rice.


For dessert, we tried the Tetsu Hotcake 218 php because it carried the name of the resto, ergo it must be their brand carrier & special.
If you like red beans & green tea ice cream, then this dessert is for you. :)
They have a bottomless Hot Green Tea for 98 php. Soda for 58 php.




To be honest, this restaurant is quite forgettable, considering the price. Our bill totaled 3.5k & that’s just for 3 people. One order is single serve, definitely NOT for sharing. But we were surprised that there was a good turnout of customers coming in & out.


Have a great weekend everyone! <3 We’re gonna be staycationing in F1 for the weekend. Do give me a holler if you’re gonna be in the area. Let’s meet up. Mwah! :-*

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