Testing 1-2-3!

We will be going on a provincial trip soon. Far & away. There’s no ifs or buts about it. In our family, OHANA is a living principle. Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind -or forgotten. When one goes, all of us goes -like it or not. Some people may not understand it, and even question it. But it’s what we do, it’s what we are. <3
And because we will be in provincial soil for quite a while, I had to test the kids’ abilities to eat delicacies they don’t normally eat at home. I took them to Cabalen to see if they will pass the test with flying colors & survive, or fail miserably. In which case, I have to pack skyflakes. Lots & lots of skyflakes! ;))
Newly-opened Cabalen at the Cinema Wing of Alabang Town Center. 
They opened up another section as a lot of hungry people were starting to come in when we got there at 6:30 pm. 
“window shopping” ;))
Can you spot my 3 kids?
There on the bountiful spread were dinuguan, kare-kare, kuhol, okoy, tapang kalabaw, pakbet, ginataang tahong and other provincial specialties. All foreign to their tastebuds, lels.
If you’re not fast, you won’t get to eat anything at all!
Look at the lechon & manok platter.. laging ubos! :P
So I gave the lechon chopper my 100-watt smile, batted my eyes, and voila he gave me a plateful of lechon which I hurriedly took to the kids.
Thank you, kind sir! <3
No chance with the fish as well.
Pag-lapag na pag-lapag, ubos agad! ;P
I asked the kids to try stuff from this station.
Couldn’t force them to eat anything with blood, innards, or anything orange hahaha.
The ensalada station. They liked the crispy kangkong though. And the hubad na lumpia.
So.. yay! :)
In fairness, the crispy kangkong was really crispy, albeit dripping in SO MUCH oil I had to take a double dose of Xenical. (sorry, TMI, lels!)
Testing their taste buds! ;))
Meanwhile, I was happy to get some dinuguan & kare-kare fo myself.
With the price, I really did not expect the kare-kare to have tuwalya, so I wasn’t overly disappointed to find it filled with veggies instead.
Tokwang sisig. Ate liked this, so she’ll live, haha!
May makakain naman pala sya when push comes to shove. ;)
If you’re going in a big group, I suggest you get food for sharing in the middle kasi laging pa-ubusan.
Benta rin sa kanila ang halo-halo! They loved the “pihni-pig“! :)
Ohana! <3
See, even my outfit that day spoke OHANA! ;))

In fairness, they did try some of the food that were served. Anything without blood or pig innards, they were game to try. Trying however, doesn’t equate to liking. After one bite of each, they were done. Not much of an appetite there.

CABALEN has an “Eat all you can, All-day buffet at 298 php/person.
Additional 60 php/person for bottomless drinks.Let’s face it, for 300 php DO NOT EXPECT great food.
It’s a tummy-filler at best.
Thank goodness for popcorn which they happily munched on as we watched GROWN UPS 2! @_@I’m afraid I have to start mapping out where the nearest Mcdo or Jollibee is in our soon-to-be destination. And bring cup noodles. Lots & lots of cup noodles! ;))

Meanwhile, look at some of our haul in preparation for this trip. Such great finds!!! m/

Microfibre super absorbent towel, large – 1,290 php. Packs small but opens up to a big, soft, snuggly towel. <3
Waterproof (yes, submersible!) 13 litre bag – 990 php
Both purchased from Olympic World, ATC.

One can never be too careful. Can you spell D-R-E-A-D? Wish us luck!!! @_@

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