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Terrible Two’s

danger-zone-sign-bThe 2 senior citizens in the homefront have a bad habit of nit-picking & finding fault with the household help. Day in & day out, they’d look for flaws. So as much as possible, I keep to myself & hide in my room. It is my only haven where I find solitude & peace, lol.

Even Jena has learned to tell me.. “go save yourself mommy” when she hears the shuffle of tiny footsteps coming my way in the very rare occurence that I lurk downstairs. It’s been a standing joke with the kids & they have parrotted her. “Save yourself mommy”, they’d snicker & say, knowing my not-so-little secret. Just my luck! @_@

While I’d carefully hide in my room trying to avoid them at all costs – like eating ahead of them just so I can escape their onslaught of attacks on the household members & just about anything under the sun (and stars), Kap is just too kind & patient. He sits with them & endures it. “Sweetheart, ang sikreto lang jan pasok sa isang tenga, labas sa kabila” when I’d complain to him na sinisikmura ako pag kasama kong kumain ang mudras, sabay hindi pa ako matunawan! :P


I’ve done nothing wrong..

While Kap was quietly eating a very late lunch after a long day in the shop, in comes my mother, giving our cook “the stare”. Kap tries to ignore her to diffuse the situation but she just won’t give up & makes a martyrd sound which we can call “the sigh”.

Oh-oh, Kap has taken the bait -hook, line & sinker. He asks “bakit mommy” in between mouthfuls. It’s his fault, really, for engaging. And so he gets an earful! :P

In chinese, she laments: “Hay naku, malaki na ang ulo ng mga katulong. Maghuhugas lang ako ng kamay habang naghuhugas si (helper#1) sa kusina, aba nagdabog ba naman ng plato. Galit yata. God knows, I’ve done nothing wrong!


Kap remains silent in fear that more will come. So he just mumbles something & continues eating. Seeing she no longer has an audience, my mom then shuffles her feet along. Jena goes.. “mom, save yourself”. I quickly & quietly go up the stairs. 

Mudra 1 finds an ally in mudra 2 as they continue to converse in chinese so the helpers don’t hear their discussion. They continue their tirade as I close the door to my room & pray hard they don’t look for me.

Jumingle lang ako..

bathroom-goMother #2 keeps misplacing things & blames the, who else.. but of course, the helpers!

The other day, in a cantankerous mood (what’s new), she kept looking for her glasses. Kap got her one of those beaded necklaces so you can wear your glasses around your neck. But still, she often misplaces it.

So that day, MIL tells Kap one of the helpers STOLE her unbranded, prescription glasses.

“Ma, bakit naman nanakawin yung salamin mo eh may grado yan, saka luma na” counters Kap my Kap. She replies: “Ah hindi, ninakaw nila yan, maniwala ka. Dahlia mo nalang ako sa town para masukatan ako ng bago.” Kap goes “Hintay ka lang Ma, lalabas din yan baka naipatong mo lang kung saan”.

True enough the next day, she comes down the stairs with her glasses hanging around her neck. Kap says: “Oh Ma, nahanap mo na pala salamin mo.” MIL just grunts, she is tight-lipped & plays it down.

Our cook goes “Oo nga sir nagpunta pa si Ama sa kwarto namin kahapon, hinahanap salamin nya“. MIL vehemently denies having gone to their room & poking through their things. Our cooks proves: “Ama, pumaposk po kayo. Pati nga po sa CR namin hinahanap nyo”. Caught lying, MIL goes “Ah hindi, jumingle lang ako kaya ako pumasok.”

Mind you, we have a powder room right below, and another one outside near the pool. She uses either of the 2 when downstairs and NEVER the one in the maid’s room.

Naku ha Ma, huli ka na. Wag ka na magpalusot, pwede ba?

margesimpson18And this, my friends, is why white hair has been cropping up in the last few months no matter how much I pluck them out. And the main reason why 20 years have just been shaved off my life. Tig-10 mula sa mag-balae. So help me God.

Ears are ringing ring-a-ding-ding…

Aside from the housegirls, MIL also finds plenty of faults in our houseboy. Nasa labas na nga ng bah tumatambay, nahahanapan pa nila ng butas. In our home, NO ONE is safe hehe. ;P

Every afternoon, our houseboy drives the 2 mudras around the village to make them pasyal & breathe in the clean alabang air. ;P After their 1-hour joy ride, MIL goes to Kap & complains “dalhin mo nga ako sa duktor, masakit ang tenga ko. Humampas sa golfcart dahil sa pagmamaneho ni (houseboy). Hay naku, ang sakit-sakiiit!”

Kap retorts: “Ma, i-ice mo nalang muna saka uminom ka tempra. Pag masakit pa mamaya punta tayong doktor.” A few hours have passed, it’s still quiet in the homefront. I guess all’s well that ends well in the ear department. @_@

And how’s your day? ;)


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