Tennis Working Dinner

Just came home from my hunny’s tennis meeting-cum-dinner at one of the tennis club officer’s newly built home. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of the facade, it is modern asian built by architect Jojo Dayrit, who is also a board member of the tennis club. (I will go there again tomorrow morning to take a picture, haha!)

The lovely couple opened their home to us for their meeting (regarding YET ANOTHER tournament) & we had a potluck dinner..

Contis’ ceasars salad, provided by the hosts..
Ours & Tasha’s beef salpicao..
Contis’ famous baked salmon, also courtesy of the hosts..
Ate Marita’s chicken
Jojo’s yummy chocolate cake.
This is the famous Ms. Polly’s specialty cake in magallanes shell station.
And of course, what is a party without group pictures??? ;))
With the very charming & gallant hosts tito Jess & tita Petite whom I just love, love, love! <3
The tennis BOD with spouses as sabit (again) ;))
My hunny with his tennis buds
With the very sociable & lovable Judith who has been so very warm & welcoming
to me from the time we first met in her lovely home when they hosted a tennis associates dinner.
With my super sweet & warm tita Petite, who has also always managed
to make me feel at ease, welcome & at home among the tennis spouses! :)
The host, tito Jess, playing the piano for us.
What a treat! <3

My hunny has always been an officer of the village tennis club for the past 10 years (or more even) but I think this is the most active group ever, hahaha! Too many tournaments though.. takes my hunny away from the family during the weekends… He definitely has to pass being an officer next year –OR ELSE!!! :P

These meeting-cum-dinners are actually becoming a habit, but I’m not complaining. The food is great, and so is the camaraderie among the BODs & the tag along spouses. ;P
‘Til the next dinner!
As promised.. I went back the next morning to take a picture of the house. So funny, both tito Jess & tita Petite were looking out the window at the exact moment I was taking a picture. AND THEY SAW ME TAKING A SHOT!!! OMG stalker much my dating! ;P Good thing the kids were with me so I told them I was showing the kids their lovely house! :))
The wacky adventures my children go through with me hahaha! Anyway, here is the house… 
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