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Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

Great news for meat lovers like Moi. Honolulu Hawaii’s best burger joint, TEDDY’s BIGGER BURGERS is here!

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers got its start in the backyard cookouts of owners Ted Tsakiris and Rich Stula. The two loved good burgers but couldn’t understand why there weren’t any fast food restaurants that offered the quality of their home cooked burgers in a quick service environment.

So Ted and Rich set out to create a restaurant that served the best quality burger in an energetic fast paced environment. After studying the simple menus of the original 1950’s burger joints, Ted & Rich decided to ‘reinvent the burger joint’ with a 50’s theme and a simple menu of burgers, fries and shakes.



This photo belongs to RICHARD CO of Tales from the Tummy. :)


Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

3/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St. Legazpi Village, Makati




9 oz. for the kill baby! <3 Just so you know how big the burgers are comparing to my siopao fez! ;P


Funny enough, this is Teddy’s Bigger Burger’s first Hawaiian themed burger shop after a regular, no theme look for all their joints back home. It’s because they are not only serving burgers but a part of Hawaii as well, therefore the Hawaiian vibe & look.



Teddy’s Bigger Burgers operates on a fastfood concept but the burgers are far from fast food quality. Teddy’s uses only 100% fresh chilled ground chuck (no fillers or binders). Burgers are hand pattied daily and always charbroiled to order. Super Sauce is Teddy’s own sweet and tangy creation, not the usual thousand island dressing. Teddy’s Teriyaki Sauce is a traditional recipe made from scratch. Their produce and buns are the highest quality and delivered fresh daily. Buns come in varieties too. Regular, Wheat & POTATO BUNS available!!!



Click HERE for a detailed menu.


This is not your McDo prices, but then again, these are not your usual McDo burgers..



Milk Shakes that would go so well with your burgers: Strawberry, Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla, Banana, Peanut Butter (MUST TRY!) Available at these sizes: 12oz. 120.00 | 22oz. 199.00 | 32oz. 299.00


Tater Tots. Extra crispy bite sized potato tots. Available in Small 149.00 | Large 215.00


This is the Monster Double Burger combo 9 oz. Original burger with double patty. Serving sizes: Solo (big 5oz.) 440.00 | Solo (bigger 7oz.) 545.00 | and Solo (biggest 9oz.) 660.00 or you may upgrade to a Combo that comes with either fries or O rings, & a drink (big 5oz.) 565.00 | Combo (bigger 7oz.) 645.00 | and Combo (biggest 9oz.) 735.00 – Separate O-rings available. Battered thick cut onion rings 149.00


CHAR-GRILLED! <3 Can ya see it???


With my SOULMATE.. and SOLEMATE! ;)



Of course, laging hating mag-asawa para sweet! ;) 70/30!


Teri Burger. Original burger with teriyaki sauce & Shitake mushrooms. Solo (big 5oz.) 300.00 | Solo (bigger 7oz.) 360.00 and Solo (biggest 9oz.) 430.00 or go Combo (big 5oz.) 399.00 | Combo (bigger 7oz.) 480.00 | Combo (biggest 9oz.) 515.00



Teddy’s Monster Double Burger. Solo (big 5oz.) 440.00 | Solo (bigger 7oz.) 545.00 | Solo (biggest 9oz.) 660.00 OR go Combo (big 5oz.) 565.00 | Combo (bigger 7oz.) 645.00 | Combo (biggest 9oz.) 735.00 Add: cheddar cheese, bacon (additional price) 125.00


Teddy’s Original Burger. Solo (big 5oz.) 265.00 | Solo (bigger 7oz.) 325.00 | Solo (biggest 9oz.) 395.00 OR go Combo (big 5oz.) 365.00 | Combo (bigger 7oz.) 445.00 | Combo (biggest 9oz.) 480.00 Hawaiian Style. Teri, grilled pineapple paradise (additional price) 70.00


Chuckie & Yen Dreyfus. Our wacky lunch companions! :))


Thank you so much to our BOSSMAN for arranging our Teddy’s Bigger Burger stint after regretfully missing the opening. And thank you so much to TEDDY’s BIGGER BURGERS for still accommodating us & sending us off very very happy, and definitely with bigger, better tummies too! <3

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