Teddy Bears & Birthdays

My mommy friend Faye just posted these picture on instagram. How time flies. When the girls met each other, they were such babies pa. Around 7 years old yata? And now they’re little ladies, all so pretty in their own way. Of course, matangkad pa rin si Max among the three. Feel ko sya ang magiging super mowdel! ;)

Then & Now..

I so loved the preparation & set up Faye did for Maxine’s impromptu 14th birthday celebration at home a couple of days ago. So girly girly with the flowers, stuffed toys & pink glasswares. And she got all the materials from her own home too -no need to buy, save for a few! She really is one artsy mommah! <3 I asked her if I could share these photos with you so you have an idea for your own child’s birthday party. Faye was so nice to have said YES. :)

Maxine didn’t want any frills for her special day, but her mommy at the very last minute decided to throw her one. And just look how she transformed an otherwise bare buffet & dining table into any girl’s dream party set up in just half a day. Your little girl’s stuffed toys lying about & around are great party decor! <3

Happy 14th birthday, our ever dearest Maxine! Wishing you all that you hope for, all that you dream of, and all that makes you happy. We love you! <3

Here’s to more years of friendship! :-*

Friendship is a two-way street.
Conversation flows when you meet.
When something hurts, they always care,
Both know the other will always be there.
Warmth & Confidence, Trust & Affection..
A good friend should be cherished -you’re all heading in the same direction.
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