Tallulah -the Frog!

Note: Don’t read this post if you are queasy. It involves a FROG!!! a VERY DEAD FROG!!!

Tallulah. That’s what ate named el froggo. Sosing palaka diba? Just like her. :| It’s her homework for Bio. Skinning a frog. Eeeeewe!!!

I CANNOT watch her do it. I just can’t -it’s too much! So at this point, allow me to acknowledge my Lavinia for taking the gruesome pictures yesterday as ate so happily dissected -AND SKINNED, Tallulah the poor frog-ette.

Getting her stuff ready for the skinning.. SILENCE OF THE LAmBS MUCH???
Take note: Santa is watching her to see if she’s naughty or nice. NAUGHTY definitely!!! :P
Meet the very late Tallulah. Croak! :(
Her dissecting kit. You don’t wanna be her enemy! :P 
Silence please.. S.A.W.!
(Surgeon at Work!) 
One very interested student.. 
and one VERY interested dog.
Jela’s bubble thought: APPETIZER! (lick, drool..)
Gross much! @_@
Apt title: Princess & the Frog.
Doncha think?? ;))
Also: Beauty & the Beast! ;P
Aaaaaaccckkkk!!! @_@
But apparently, she’s having fun! :| 
See? @_@
Evil child of mine!!! :P
Frog: Tama na!! I GIVE UP!!
Me at this point: BARFING MODE!!
What I do for blogging! :P

The remnants of Tallulah! 
Very nekked (naked) Tallulah!!!
Thou art seriously one sick chick, ate!!! :|
And you wanted to do this is my room. SERIOUSLY???
More preservatives for future dissection. More BARF from my end!
Tada: The Nekked Tallulah! @_@

R.I.P. Tallulah! :((

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