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Taiwan Day 2

1 bathroom for 5 people is a challenge. Back home, we have 9.5 bathrooms so no pressure. Kahit isang oras magbabad, ok lang. But when abroad & booking a BnB within Kap’s price range. 2br/1tb lang ang drama. O kay hirap!

It takes 2 whole hours (maybe even more) for the 5 of us to finish our business in the bathroom. Pila. :P So it was already noon when we headed out for Day 2 in Taiwan.

The weather dramatically changed on Day 2. It was a cold, crisp morning, so nice! <3 Finally nasuot na ang naka-planong OOTD hahaha! ;))

Bae was so aliw with the vending machines in Taiwan that sold real food, gadgets and beauty stuff, not just snacks!

Day 2

  • Brunch at Fuhang Soy Milk (Shandao temple station). Must try: sesame pancake
  • Sogo Department Store for Bathing Apes (Babyson)
  • Taipei 101 (XinYi) for scenery & luxury items shopping
  • Shida Night Market (near apartment)

Ate was panicking coz breakfast in Taiwan is available only until 12:30. When in Taiwan, you NEED to have the standard crepe, pancake & soy milk brekky. Umaga lang daw meron nyan. So we were rushing like crazy to Fuhang Soy Milk which was closed yesterday. Pagdating namin doon, wakanga! Hanggang Luneta ang pila. Tiis-tiis. We simply cannot let a Taiwanese breakfast pass. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the counter, the salty/sweet bean curd were already unavailable. But I’m happy we were still able to try the rest. At least we can cross these off our list.

Fuhang Soy Milk is located at the Hua Shan Market. A popular shop for a traditional Taiwanese breakfast such as dòujiāng (豆漿; soy milk), yóutiáo (油條; fried bread stick), dàn bǐng (蛋餅; spring onion–filled crepes and egg) and shāobǐng (燒餅; stuffed layered flat bread). Be prepared to wait – the queues of customers regularly snake up the stairs. Take Exit 5 from Shandao Temple MRT station.

The line started outside, extended to inside, up the stairs, and again on the second floor. We slowly crept our way to Fuhang Soy Milk, one of the many food stalls inside the market. We divided & set out to conquer.. while Kap & the girls lined up to buy our food, Babyson searched for a table, and I looked around for interesting things to buy, like these pastries (r). Yum!

Ho bing with Yu Tiao (egg sandwich with scallions & bicho bicho) and breakfast crepe partnered with Soy milk. Not to be missed when in Taiwan.

Breakfast of Champions on our day 2 with Dan Bing atbp. Ready for another long day ahead.

Since we did the tourist thing yesterday, mall naman kami ngayon to do some retail damage hehe. Babyson’s target was Bathing Apes apparel located at the Sogo Department Store, so we looked for that. Success! 

Babyson doesn’t shop often. Sobrang dalang, saka yung talagang gusto lang nya ang binibili. So when he asks to buy something, his sisters really make an effort to look for it. Kaya hayan, google maps kami & bus ride in search of.

Originally from Tokyo, Bathing Apes, or BAPE, is a symbol of street fashion (these styles are extreme and avant-garde, similar to the haute couture seen on European catwalks) with men’s, ladies’ and children’s line popular among the elite fashion bloggers & fashionistas. A plain shirt ranges from 8k php up.

Next, Taipei 101 for branded goodies. The girls have been dreaming of the latest design in Gucci sneakers & that’s their goal for this trip. Also a success. We have yet to find the flagship store for adidas. Yun nalang ang kulang kay Babyson. Ayaw daw nya ng Gucci sneakers, too wild for him. Di nga?

Taipei 101, formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Centre, is a landmark supertall skyscraper in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan. The building was officially classified as the world’s tallest in 2004, and remained such until the completion of Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2009. In 2011, the building was awarded the LEED platinum certification, the highest award according to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, and became the tallest and largest green building in the world. It has the fastest elevator going from the 5th floor to the 87th in 49 to 53 seconds.

Taipei 101 Mall has gathered together the finest in fashion and refined dining from around the world. It features 828,000 sq. feet of retail luxury shopping. Something that we 3 gals intended to fully take advantage of. ;)

There’s a big Laduree Cosmetic store on the ground floor. Everything is JUST. SO. CUTE. !!! LES MERVEILLEUSES is a collection dedicated to sensitive and refined women. Make-up turns into a ritual, a special and confidential rendez-vous and even a very sophisticated accessory.

But our real target at Taipei 101 Mall is really the flagship Gucci store, lels. As soon as the girls confirmed our trip to Taiwan, Gucci sneakers became their number 1 priority! :P

Bae had trouble deciding between the faddish Floral or the traditional with Bumble bee accent. The more subtle Bumblee bee won in the end. Meanwhile, I hate the saleslady because she just had to show me the classic but upgraded doctor’s bag, also with a bee (queen bee at that! So moi.). Ayan tuloy, napabili ako ng wala sa oras. Bruhaaaa!!!

Sino sa tatlo ang palo sa pwet kay Kap? SINOOO?? Sagot: All of the above. Kula’t banlaw na naman kami!

As they went around some more, I gave up & parked at this nice coffee shop, Sweet Tea by Yannick Alleno. Yannick’s vision for Sweet Tea was to have pastries treated as luxury items and presented as artful creations (read: MAHALIA!)

The concept of Sweet Tea is very feminine and definitely caters to Taipei’s more upscale female population. The open-air tearoom sits in the middle of the most scenic area of the mall, flanked by luxury stores. Yung tipong titingin-tingin ka habang nagka-kape, muni-muni kung makakalusot ba kay mister o hindi. ;))

The girl approached me.. “Miss, 280 ntd (new taiwan dollar) minimum to sit.” That’s 420 pesos. Mukha bang hindi ko afford? :P Order ako ng Mille-feuille at kape. 400 ntd. Oh girl, ok na? :|

The mille-feuille (meaning “thousand leaves”), also known as the Napoleon, is a French pastry. Traditionally, a mille-feuille is made up of three layers of puff pastry alternating with two layers of pastry cream, but sometimes whipped cream or jam are substituted. The top pastry layer is dusted with confectioner’s sugar, and sometimes cocoa, pastry crumbs, or pulverized seeds. Alternatively the top is glazed with icing or fondant in alternating white (icing) and brown (chocolate) stripes, and combed. Matagal-tagal na upuan ito kaya dahan-dahan lang ang kain. ;))


Si Kap, like I told you, is super low key. Seiko watch masaya na sya. Success. Tennis shoes, epic fail. Bakit? Wala bang nagte-tennis sa Taiwan?

Buti nalang Kap my Kap was able to buy a Seiko watch (leftmost) kaya hindi ako napagalitan, mwahaha! :P

Yehey, nakalusot si misis at ang mga bratinella! Malamig ang ulo ni Kap! <3

We had to go back home to the apartment to deliver our precious haul. Then off again in search of dinner & a smaller night market. Bumagsak na ang enery level ng mga bata, even Ate, after 2 exciting days, so they were not too keen on going to a far & crowded night market. Ako wag nang tanungin. Lagi naman akong low batt hehe. 

Kap found a resto near our apartment. Kap: Nag-shopping na kayo kaya turo-turo nalang tayo ngayon. Me: (meekly. Docile as a Doe with matching beautiful eyes pa) Ok my Honey. Tomorrow let’s eat turo-turo again okay. I LOVE turo-turo! ;P Bubble thought: Where to shop tomorrow? What to buy??

Happy girls are the prettiest. At dahil ako ang pinaka-happy. Ako ang pinaka-pretty!

Shida Night Market, the one we went to that was nearest our apartment, wasn’t as nice though. Even the food stalls weren’t that great.

Shida Night Market is a small night market located closest to the Taipower Building Station on the Taipei metro. It is located near National Taiwan Normal University, whose name in Chinese is pronounced phonetically as Shida. Shida Night Market was formerly a very popular night market given its unique shops, restaurants and fashionable clothing stores. However, as the area it occupied was close to Taiwan Normal University, it has always been a place that many intellectuals called home. As a result, the neighborhood is decidedly more cultured than your typical neighborhood in Taipei.

Due to resident complaints regarding the noise, trash and people the night market attracted to the area, as well as government rezoning efforts, Shida Night Market is now much smaller than it used to be. Even though it is much smaller, Shida night market still retains its unique feel.

We were supposed to go to either Raohe or Xie Men Ding night markets but we were going to have an early expedition kinabukasan. Must rest & recharge. Another night maybe, we’ll see.

Four days is too short for any city. Boo! :(

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