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Of Ghost Pads & Hot Flashes

My precious laptop gave up on me. Not the whole thing, just the track pad. NKKLK! Gumagalaw ba namang mag-isa yung cursor? I was alone when it happened. Kinilabutan ako ha! Why was it moving on its own diba?! Syempre nag-panic agad ako. Baka biglang mag-ouija at mag-spell out ng kung anu-ano!

I shut it off immediately & stayed away from it. Inilayo ko. The next day, when I was feeling braver, and when someone was in the room with me (hehe -I’m really so duwag!), I attempted another go at it. Ganun parin. Then I asked my Lovey to fix it. She googled & it said we needed to bring the possessed laptop to the center for exorcism diagnostic at baka na-overcharge ko daw ang battery. Ganun? Thank goodness that wasn’t the case. Tumataginting na 8.5k ang damage if they were to replace my battery ahuhuhu!


And so we brought my laptop to Switch in high hopes that it will be fixed asap at minimal cost to me. I have a feeling it’s caused by moisture. Sobrang lamig ang kwarto namin every morning that my laptop actually fogs up. Pati pintuan namin basa!


While waiting for the diagnostic & trying to see if it’s just a case of either reformatting or updating my operating system, we grabbed a quick lunch at the newly-opened Taco Bell just a floor below.

Taco Bell

2/F Alabang Town Center, Alabang-Zapote Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa (02) 912 1921



Not as crowded as when it opened just a few days ago na kilometro ang haba ng pila. Wagi!



Good morning mam/ser may I take your order? ;)) I don’t know anymore what I ordered at wala ako sa sarili, CLICK HERE nalang for the menu.



Healthy girl took off to scavenge for her “right” food. Meanwhile, my Lovey & I ordered 1 of  everything, it seems. Lol.













Verdict: The people at switch said we have to reformat. BUT, it’ll take 2 weeks at least kasi mahaba daw ang pila. Ganon? Lahat nalang may pila? @_@ What I can do daw is to use a mouse in the meantime so I can still tinker with my laptop. FML. I don’t know how to use a freakin’ mouse!

PicMonkey Collage2

At dahil nahawa na ako sa  ka-cheapan ni Kap, CDR-King ang sagot. 1 brown mouse, 150 pesoses. WRONG! After finishing 2 blog entries that night which I scheduled for several days, bumigay na rin si Mr. Mouse huhu. Na-possess na rin sya ng bonggang-bongga!

My Lovey tried re-setting my laptop. It worked for a while pero sumumpong na naman huhu. And so, even the cheap mouse doesn’t want to cooperate. May sarili na ring pagiisip. Big girl na! I’m back to square 1.

Moral lesson of the story. When your laptop asks you to update, do it agad-agad. Huwag nang patagalin. Moral lesson #2, don’t go cheap. You get cheap for cheap. Isang bilihan nalang -one time big time para walang hassle. Goodbye cheap mouse.

Awa ng Diyos, after a few more tries in a span of several miserable days, my Lovey was able to fix my laptop. She did something with the magnet daw –hacker na! That, or the moisture inside finally dried up. Either way, yaaay ng bongang-bongga! <3 She googled & googled and tried everything imaginable because she knows how important blogging is to me. Huhuhu thank you so much Bae for fixing my laptop! And for loving me big time.

Ngayon, lagi nang may kumot ang laptop ko matulog. Tama na. Sobra na. Ayoko naaaa!


PS: Had my 2nd official hot flash episode about 2 weeks ago. The 1st time I experienced the flushing, I thought nothing of it. I blamed it on the extreme summer heat. This second time I was sure that it was a hot flash. NOT a very good feeling, lemme tell you.

My heart was palpitating like crazy, beating wildly like a drum & I was experiencing an unexplainable fiery feeling. Like it’s bigla too hot, the light was suddenly blinding, I felt like puking, and my body was on fire. I couldn’t breathe.

My Lovey, who has read up on premenopausal syndrome, was quick to act & called my mom’s nurse. My BP shot up to 140/100 & my heartbeat was going haywire. She then asked for an ice pack to put under my neck as I lay down. Then gave me an ice-cold sponge bath. It was HEAVEN! I never though I’d appreciate ice as much as I did then.

My Lovey was so wonderfully calm & prepared. She helped ease my discomfort & cared for me. It has always been my fear that when I grow old, no one will take care of me & I’ll be left on my own..

PicMonkey Collage

From childhood until now, she has ALWAYS taken such good care of me & puts my comfort above hers. She is such a nurturer, definitely a mommy material. Thank you for loving me so much! <3

CLICK HERE to read up on menopausal symptoms. If you have any suggestions & recommendation on how to deal with this awful & scary condition, I would gladly take them into consideration.

Thank you so much my darling Bae for loving me & taking care of me. Kawawa ka naman, palagi ka nalang fixer of all things & caregiver of mom hehe! :P Bawi ako Bae, promise! I love you! :-*

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