Yesterday, we were invited by the Buensalidas to the Taal Lake Yatch Club for some water sports.

Angela, Marita & Rolly, Matthew, Jasmin & Andrew.
They live really close by, and their girls are the same age & temperament as my ate! ;)
I see a potential friendship brewing! <3

They used to have a resort & still have all the water playthings such as the speed boat, banana boat & tube thingamajig. How cool is that? Naturally, we were just so delighted to accept! <3

Got up at an ungodly hour (hehe) so we can get there early. 5 cars convoying, 5 excited families ready for a great day of fun! I’m loving my hunny’s tennis buds more & more! :)
Beautiful background view of Taal. Too bad this picture doesn’t do it justice!
Half of the contingents.. the lazy ones who didn’t have to bring down stuff haha! ;)
Dressed, ready & so eager to go!!!
Yesssss.. I brought their own life vests hehe. We had 3 maletas with us! ;))
That’s how scared I am of the big blue sea LAKE!!! (think  JAWS!!!)

Over-capacitated boat, hahaha! ;P
Aboard the banana boat the 2nd round! 
Of course I also wanted to try the speedboat.. ala “My Neighbors Wife“???
The junior & the senior chinks.. My hunks! ;)

The kids played a game of GUESStures as we waited for the boat to cool down haha.
Good thing tita Tasha came prepared! <3

Finally!!! A new 500 peso bill with Ninoy & Cory from tita Marita.
Awww, they’re finally together!!! <3
The kids continued to play as the oldies finished their lunch..
Can I just say? I’m so glad for new friends!!!
We are so looking forward to more adventures with this fun group. <3
Hearty lunch of ihaw-ihaw made us NOT WANT to leave the table hahaha! ;P
Finally satiated, the oldies decided to try the banana boat as well.
Wrong decision haha!
As soon as the floater turned over & I hit the water at a high speed, I thought it was the end of my life! @_@
Since I was err.. (huge) I landed with a big splash. Water went into my ears & nose & I couldn’t feel my left arm.
They ALL had to lift me to the boat (not a great sight, haha) since I couldn’t move my left arm.
I really thought I dislocated my shoulder as I saw STARS in broad daylight!
Believe me, I wouldn’t ride that monstrosity again in my life.. EVER! ;))
I guess my joints, muscles & bones aren’t as limber as they used to be haha!
After my scary experience, I stayed away from ANYTHING that had to do with water
(except for the shower which I hit immediately so I can get a relaxing massage)
The kids however, had a different thing in mind! @_@
Look at my daring babyson on a tube!!!
Ate also gives it a try!!! @_@
I almost had a heart attack because of these 2!!!
After having had ALL their turns.. and fill.. the kids use the rest of their energy swimming in the lake.
Soon, it was dark & our day has come to an end. :( We had a sumptuous dinner of sinigang na baboy, which I wasn’t able to take a picture of in the chaos of the showering, packing, car-loading & eating, hahaha!
The kids didn’t want our day to end yet, so we had dessert at Cinnabon..
What’s left of the girls (the rest were sleeping in their respective cars already, haha!)
What’s left of the boys (same predicament)! ;)
Matira ang matibay!!! m/
I heart Cinnabon!!! Heart, heart, heart!!! <3
The happy group, which already made plans for a lunch & movie hang-out the next day!!!
(well, the teens, at least!)
The same CARVERY group..
With Rolly & Marita cuddling on the backmost! <3
Thank you so very much to the entire Buensalida family for such a wonderful family bonding activity. Yes, we did go home “injured” (everyone -except the Buensalida couple, in this photo had sore shoulders, groins & backs, my hunny snapped/pulled a thigh muscle haha!), we would never trade this experience for any other day at lazing home!
Best of all, the kids made new friends which I hope they get to keep for the years to come! <3
PS- Too bad the kids weren’t able to take a picture of me & my hunny walking hand-in-hand towards the coffee shop. That would have been such a funny sight! Me with my head at a peculiar angle because of my stiff neck & sore shoulder. My hunny limping because of his pulled thigh muscle, with tissue paper sticking out of his left ear because it wouldn’t stop leaking lake water! OMG I promise you, you would have rolled on the floor laughing!!! ;))
Until my next post, people!!! :-*
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