Taal Lake

My Kap got a new toy. Well, he shares custody with Jojo. ;) He’s Mr. Fix-it, he likes tinkering with stuff. First he tried his hand on golf carts. He would butingting old ones & make it look new again before selling it & moving on to another one. But now it seems like he has graduated to speedboats.

Their new baby, which we didn’t bother christening anymore coz they’re already eyeing another one to fix up this early, got it’s tail wet last week when we went to taal to test it out.
A boat of his own, kahit na mukhang RORO!!! ;))
I hope the next one will be bigger & prettier! Mukha silang lulubog! :P

Normally, I am not the outdoorsy type. Drag me anywhere that doesn’t involve the wild & I’m fine with it. Sun & sea combination is really not my thing. But what can a girl do when the boy of her dreams live for adventure (& hardship!!!) right??? :P

Together with the Superfriends Inc., we headed to taal early morning of maundy thursday for several days of water sports on the lake. Now between the lake & the beach, I prefer the beach. At least I can cool off on the shore watching over the kids, dip my body & pretend to be a mermaid. But the lake? Walang shore!!! “Lake-ness” monster, meron!

That’s right.. ganito kami kumain.. BANDEHADO!!! :))
Feeding frenzzzyyyyyyy…

Five families, a 27-person contingent filled the rooms of Sta. Maria Resort. The kids had the time of their lives frolicking under the sun they they all came home fried to a crisp!

Kuya Rolly’s toys!!! He’s also a kid at heart.
My sporty babyson.. not so baby anymore huhu..

My jej beauty queen! <3
First injury of the day. Hay!! </3
Babyson, you give me a heart attack every time you get on a thingamajig!!!
Sorry, pero.. talagang GO-wapo ang baby ko!!! <3
Pretty in pink! <3

It’s more fun & less crowded now coz we have 2 boats to service the kids.
Sana next time, 3 na, hehe! ;P

Not content with all the water activities their tito Rolly piled up on them, we had to CLIMB the hill as well to get to the bird’s eye view of the volcano! @_@ Thank goodness for horses!!!

Now this is really called ROUGHING IT!!! @_@
I tried roughing it, I really really did. But the road up was not patag & it’s really matirik! It’s a mixture of manure (lots & lots of fresh ones!), rocks, sand & dust that after 20 minues on foot UPHILL, I was panting (& sweating) like crazy!!
Bravo to these FIT peeps who decided to climb all the way up & back. I did mention my kap likes hardship right? Apparently, so does my dalaga. May pinagmanahan, mga masokista! @_@
Believe me, it gets narrower & narrower and harder to climb as you reach the top. 
Rocks everywhere. It’s easy to twist your ankle if you’re not careful.
Make sure you wear the right rubber shoes (not just any ordinary sneakers) & that you’re used to hiking before attempting to walk this road!!! 
Refreshments at hijack prices are available at the top (50 php for a bottle of soda).
So don’t bother carrying water up the hill, unless you’re a glutton for punishment! :P
Just concentrate on getting your A$$ to the top of the hill! ;)
Presenting to you.. Taal Volcano.
Behold, the beauty of God’s creation..
So proud of you ate!!! m/ 
Great & Mighty is He. <3

An unsolicited advice to you. We found out too late that there are TWO WAYS to see the volcano. The more popular is the top view. If you don’t have a boat, you rent one to get across to the volcano (around 2-2.5k depending on how good you negotiate. And it’s not on a speedboat ha! Just a plain motorized banca). Then you pay an entrance fee of 50 php (which should include a drink & biscuit pack when you reach the top coz Taal Volcano is public property! But they still charge you separately if they can get away with it -only in the Philippines!). Horses cost 500 php each two-ways (back & forth). The one I would have preferred is the foot view where you go to the mouth of the volcano & you can actually swim on the hot, sulfuric volcano water which supposedly has healing powers. You can also ride a horse getting there if like me, you are unfit to trek hehe. If you want the bird’s eye view, go for the former. If you want to swim after a long trek, go for the latter.

Our accommodation:

Because we are SUCH cheapskates! @_@
The guys rented this low-end “resort” called Sta. Maria Resort in Taal.
This is just 1 cluster. There are more surrounding the area.
26 sta.maria, 1208 Batangas City
(043) 7730286 Ask for the owner, SWEET (who is really very SOUR, I promise you).
Our air-conditioned room, which costs 2.5k/night (+500 php for electricity depending on your consumption) includes 2 queen-sized beds, a bathroom, and a kitchen with ref & cooking/dining area.
Not bad actually, if you aren’t picky.
Unfortunately, I’m VERY picky! :P
It also comes with a wide lawn smack right in the middle, where the kids can play.
Soccer.. Patintero.. Frisbee! ;))

and a make shift pool, which I find sayang.
How nice to build an infinity pool here! 

and free overnight docking of your boat.

Not content with our weekend stay, the doofs booked an even LONGER “vacation” starting this weekend. And I haven’t even recovered yet waaaaa!!!

Summer!!! you are really really taking a toll on meeeee!!!

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