Sweet Things are made of These

Those with mega sweet tooth have probably heard of Speculoos Cookie Butter spread (all the varieties) & Lotus Biscoff cookies. As in people have been HOARDING because there’s actually a SHORTAGE.

$7.40 for a small bottle. $14 for the big bottle in amazon
More for Philippine resellers.
$7.40 for a small bottle, $12.50 for the big bottle in amazon
More for Philippine resellers.
Move over nutella, hindi ka na uso! :P
$7.60 in amazon
More for Philippine resellers.

I’m fortunate enough to have great & thoughtful friends who keep me supplied with these yummy goodies so I never had to go loco looking for where to buy these Trader Joe’s treasures. My 2 girls love ’em.

Uso-uso yan eh. One way of finding out when a particular food is “IN” is if your instagram page is flooded with pictures upon pictures of a particular product. Lahat sila yun ang kinakain! ;))

This time, what’s in demand is the Brownie Brittle. I must admit, I’ve never been overly fond of the spreads. The biscuit I loved. But the spreads not so much, so I never joined the bandwagon of Speculoos fans. I can actually live without it. Now, I’m totally head over heels in love with this Brownie Brittle that I immediately hoarded knowing how fast this will go off the shelves in S&R!

Super crunchy Brownies. 550 php/bag
Best when heated & dunked in hot milk! <3

We initially bought 4 bags of this. That was yesterday. Today, ubos na. Agad! So tomorrow, you’ll know where to find me. :P

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