Sweet Deal at The Pen!

I received a text message the other day about Manila Peninsula Hotel celebrating it’s 35th anniversary with a 35 peso halo-halo/schueblig promo. It sounded UNBELIEVABLE so I googled it!!! ;))


The Lobby celebrates its 35th birthday tomorrow, September 14, 2011 by offering the iconic Halo Halo Harana and Grilled Schueblig at P35.00 each – one peso for every year The Peninsula Manila has been in operation.

The September 14, 2011 Lobby promotion will be strictly on a no-reservations and first-come/first-serve basis. Added conditions to the promotion: 10% service charge and applicable government taxes will be added to the final bill; beverages and other menu items aside from Halo Halo Harana and Grilled Schueblig will be at regular prices; transactions will not accept marketing tie-up discounts; there will be no take-out; both items must be ordered and consumed at The Lobby, and orders will not be shared.

This is a half-day only promotion – September 14, 2011, from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight.

For inquiries, please call The Peninsula Manila at (63 2) 887 2888, extensions 6694 (Restaurant Reservations), e-mail diningpmn@peninsula.com or visit peninsula.com

This I definitely had to see for myself! ;)) So with my hunny & babyson who stayed home from school because he was sick (and yet he was at the Pen with us, haha!), off we went after lunch to have that sweet 35-peso dessert!

When we got to the hotel, I saw a long line outside. I was sort of discouraged because I hate queues! @_@ But my curiosity got the better of me, so I implored my “dates” to stick it out for 30 minutes or so.. we’ll see what happens, I said –my fingers crossed! ;)

The line moved quickly naman.. 30 minutes outside, 20 minutes inside hehe. The people in line were a mixture of the sosi crowd carrying branded bags, and ordinary working people who must have come from their offices for a lunch break. (The promo is from 12nn-12mn)

Line outside..

Line inside..

Finally, after 50 minutes of waiting, we were seated!!! m/
The 35-peso Schueblig with fries. Yum!
The 35-peso Halo-halo.. even yummier!
It surprisingly had a lot of fruits inside. I thought it would just be all ice, haha! :P

At first, I was jahe to order just the promo items. Para namang we were so kawawa di ba??? But then I saw everybody around us were really kapal and just stuck to the promo. So… bahala na si batman! Hindi na rin kami nag-order ng iba! ;))

Happy faces.
I wouldn’t do this everyday. Once is enough.. just for experience.
And of course for the sake of BLOGGING hahaha! :P
Our total bill was 257.88!!!
Plus 80 pesos for parking because they only give out
car passes for food purchases 500 & above! And of course we left sufficient tip!! :P
We should definitely file this under our 500-peso date challenge! ;))

Once in a while, it’s fun to go on silly dates. Too bad we had to rush back for the 2 girls… I would have loved another schueblig hahaha! :P

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