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As you know, I’m an Instagram baby. So it’s where I keep myself updated of the bonggang ganaps in this modern age.

One day as I was on my stalking mode, I chanced upon SUPERSIZEDPH! And though I’m in my twilight years, I’m still a child at heart, so the giant boardgames beckoned me to try ’em for size, pun intended! :P (Btw, Supersized doesn’t have a Facebook account for now)

It was very fortunate that TEENA BARRETTO, Queen of Events, & I already follow each other on Instagram. So it was easy for me to ask her if she could provide our poolside entertainment during our Staycation at THE BELLEVUE MANILA.



Call/Text Teena at 0920-9284609 for all your hassle-free EVENT needs! She does showers, birthdays, debuts, weddings, and any other event you may have.


With bossman SPANKY H. ENRIQUEZ of The Daily Spank, and the lovely TEENA BARRETTO with SUPERSIZED hubby Junjun Cabatu & very adorable son JASE.


She was so gracious to say yes right away and booked the day for me & my blogger friends. Aside from the Foodgasm, this is what got me excited the most! ;))

SUPERSIZEDPH, created just recently (March of 2014), is a joint effort between TEENA BARRETTO & hardcourt heartthrob hubby JUNJUN CABATU (yes, the famous basketball player -ladies, don’t swoon. He’s very much taken, lels). Thus the name.. coz like Jun is SO supersized!

When off court, Junjun enjoys playing video & computer games. Teena has been trying to get him off gaming because she didn’t want dear old young Pops to influence their impressionable son who was also starting to get into the addicting habit (iPad version). So Teena suggested that they start playing with board games instead as their family bonding activity. Jun merely laughed it off, saying his large hands were too big for the regular board games.

One day as Teena was meeting with then Bride-to-be Miriam Quiambao whom she was handling THE celebrity wedding event for, the dusky, statuesque actress showed Teena a photo of a giant version of the Jenga game. Somewhere around 2ft tall. And the rest, as they say, was history for SUPERSIZEDPH.

Ever the business lady, that was Teena’s “AHA” moment. She started thinking of games that she can “blow up” to giant proportions. Teena didn’t want to settle for a 2-ft. tower that was readily available in Europe. She wanted a much bigger version.. like her giant hubby. She wanted it SUPERSIZED!

Thus, her supersized Jenga tower stands at 4ft tall and can go as high as 8ft depending on your skill level (and height) during a game. She then thought of other games that she loved from her childhood- Scrabble, Tic Tac Toe, Pick up sticks, and Snakes n Ladders and started what is now known as SUPERSIZEDPH!


aphoto 2

SUPERSIZED.. again, pun intended! ;))



I couldn’t contain my excitement as Teena’s Staff prepared to unload the games. I kept asking him (nicely) to please hurry it up, poor guy! :P It’s just like Christmas morning! <3



Her dreams came into fruition. Rental packages for SUPERSIZEDPH ranges from 6,500-12,000 php for Metro Manila events inclusive of 3hrs event service. Extension is at 2,000 php per hour. SUPERSIZEDPH accepts out of town events but applicable charges apply. For now, Teena has an introductory promo of 8,000 php for all games (from a regular rate of 12,000 php). So even if the event is for the next year, as long as you book now, you can still avail of the promo rate! \m/

 Ballpark figure, an average playing time per game can be anywhere between 3-30 minutes depending on your skill level. Scrabble, by far the hardest, is the only game that takes longer.
* Tic tac toe 3-7mins
* Supersized tower (Jenga) 10-30mins
* Snakes n ladders 10-20mins
* Pick up sticks 5-25mins
* Scrabble depends on the IQ of the players

To date, she has Miriam Quiambao & Kris Aquino’s BIMBY as celebrity clients. So syempre sume-celebrity rin ako bakit ba! ;))



Snakes & Ladders. My kids had a super fun-filled afternoon playing with these giant board games. I snuck in a photo op or 2 whenever I’d see them fleeting from one game to the next.



I wanted to play this TIC-TAC-TOE game badly but Kap was busy being a merman with our beautiful Dyesebel. So I had to content with just pictures this time. Hopefully, there WILL be a NEXT TIME! ;)



Jenga. The game that started it all for Teena & Jun! They have 2 versions. The kiddie which is about 2 feet tall, and this adult version of around 4 feet tall.



The games are also nice for photo ops, as you can see with my models! ;) Great for pre-nup pictorials as it showcases the fun & playfulness in a relationship.


Meanwhile, my hubby enjoyed the coolness of the relaxing & serene pool of The Bellevue Manila during a very hot & sweltering afternoon! Ang daya diba??? :P Ako lang ang sumo-social butterfly!





Dyesebel wannabe! :P


bphoto 5

The real dyesebel! <3 Sizzlin’ HOT. Pati sa tubig umuusok! ;))


Thank you so much Teena & Junjun for our afternoon entertainment! <3 As you can see, all of us had a hoot playing with your giant games one after the other!



Sumi Go of THE PURPLE DOLL & lawyer boyfie Jerwin enjoyed PICK UP STICKS. As you can see, each one is deep in thought strategizing the next move hahaha!



Chuckie Dreyfus of ALL CHUCKED UP & the gorgeous Yen Dreyful of THE TUMMY TRAVELER. Serious in their game of SCRABBLE. May score board pa talaga! ;))




Comedic loveteam of Richie Zamora of THE PICKIEST EATER & Rina Zamora of RINA’s RAINBOW hamming it up for the camera. :P Every moment with these two, I end up having KABAG! @_@

SUPERSIZEDPH games are not yet for sale. But Teena intends to produce & manufacture games commercially by the end of the year. Ever creative & ever active, known in the industry as the MOMMA RUNNING IN HEELS, she will be launching new games soon! So do watch out for it.


It was really nice meeting you in person, Teena! Thank you for your kindness to me, my family, and my guests! Until my NEXT event please haha! ;))



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