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Super Coffee. What a Smile Tastes Like!

Super Coffee believes that their coffee expresses the joie de vi·vre, the love of life. That’s why Super Coffee, which uses only world class quality beans from Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia, pours all their expertise and optimism into every cup.

Super Coffee‘s 3-in-1 coffee is roasted for differing palates and offers today’s coffee lovers great flavors that will remind them what they love about life. Super Coffee is coffee you look forward to everyday!

Super Coffee‘s 3-in-1 coffee is available in 3 variants:

3-in-1 Regular makes use of the finest coffee beans, top grade creamer and sugar to concoct a perfect cup of coffee that adds an impressive and smooth delicate undertone to awake your taste buds.

3-in-1 Brown Sugar has just the right touch of occidental caramelic brown sugar taste to this enticing blend.

3-in-1 Salted Caramel serves a well-balanced cup of delicious coffee with sweet caramel taste. It’s a treat come true for coffee lovers who want something more in their cup.


Available in Purefoods & Waltermart at 7 pesos SRP, try Super Coffee ‘s 3-in-1 Original, Salted Caramel & Brown sugar. And Charcoal-roasted white coffee in Brown Sugar, Hazelnut, and Toffee.

Authentic taste for today’s coffee lovers- Charcoal Roasted WHITE COFFEE range is inspired by the traditional coffeeshop culture in Ipoh, Malaysia in the 19th century. Super Coffee ’s roasting and blending techniques faithfully capture the aroma and buttery characteristics of this classic brew to give you a coffee experience that will remind you of what you love about life.

Indulge in its smooth, creamy and full flavored taste while relishing in the perfect harmony of premium Robusta and Arabica freeze-dried coffee, this nostalgic coffee flavor will bring coffee aficionados back to the goodness of time.

Charcoal Roasted White Coffee is available in 3 variants:

Charcoal Roasted 3-in-1 Brown Sugar delivers the robust caramel richness of brown sugar, giving it a mesmerizing aroma with its deep and rich flavor.

Charcoal Roasted 3-in-1 Roasted Hazelnut White Coffee is a rich and aromatic classic with a twist of roasted hazelnut to give you that unique warm nutty creamy indulgence with a velvety texture that is so smooth to the palate.

Charcoal Roasted 3-in-1 Toffee Caramel is for the true sweet tooth, an indulgent toffee caramel flavor, buttery and sweet to compliment the sharpness of coffee.

Super Coffee


Twitter: @supercoffeeph

Instagram: @SuperCoffeePH

Richard invited me along to the launch of Super Coffee at FIRESIDE by Kettle in SM Megamall, and just so you know how much I love my coffee, I was the very first one there. Coz mornings just aren’t mornings without a cup of great coffee!


The early bird catches the worm.. and I got plenty! ;))



I must have tried 5-6 cups that morning! 3-in-1 Original, Salted Caramel & Brown sugar. And Charcoal-roasted white coffee in Brown Sugar, Hazelnut, and Toffee. It made for a great buzz-filled morning & I was in my element with all that caffeine, lels!



Do you know what goes well with SUPER COFFEE? Why the popular FIRESIDE DONUTS of course! <3 The salty donuts with honey on the side is the perfect combination to the sweet 3-in-1 coffee mix. So good that I made sure to place an extra order & took some home for Kap & the kids to have with their coffee pasalubong! But while you’re at it, why not go for the whole chicken & donut experience with Fireside’s all-time favorite Buttermilk Fried Chicken Fingers 489 php. Sweet & Salty is what meryendas are all about after all. ;)



An upgrade to your typical 3-in-1, Super Coffee tastes like barista coffee but for so much less and can be enjoyed in an instant. As can be vouched for by these excited bloggers I got to hang out with last Saturday.



I was fortunate to be seated with some of my favorite people! Abet & Joan of The Food Alphabet. And Ray & Lovelynne of Lynne-Enroute. <3 Love them to bits!



Thank you Richard for taking me along (as always – super appreciate your love & support to me) <3 and the Coffee mogul YERIK COSIQUIEN, for my stash of yummy SUPER COFFEE. :-*

1 Year Supply of SUPER COFFEE!

Good news for you Super Coffee PH lovers! Get a chance to win FREE 1-year supply of Super Coffee 3-in-1 twice a day, everyday! Yep, you read that right!


Step 1: Like the SuperCoffeePH fan page on Facebook. Step 2: Look for the video links of the Smile Caravan on the SuperCoffeePH fanpage wall & SHARE THE LINK on your wall with the description & hash tag: “I found out what a smile tastes like in a cup of coffee! Step 3: Like SugarGoSpice on Facebook. That’s it! <3

Simple lang ang kailangang gawin para sumali! Here’s the link to the SMILE CARAVAN!

Screen Shot 1

It’s like someone caught sunshine & put it in your cup. Super Coffee, what a smile tastes like! ;) Super Coffeeang kapeng hindi lang pang-almusal, pang-meryenda pa!

Super Group Ltd. is a leading multinational instant food and beverage brand owner in Singapore with market dominance in Southeast Asia. Their products include coffee (primary product), cereals, tea mixes, etc.

In the Philippines, Super Coffee is exclusively distributed and marketed by United Pacific Rise Corporation (UPRC), located in Taguig City. The products being sold in the Philippines are created at Super Coffee’s modern facility in Malaysia and are packed in Thailand.

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