Sumptuous Sunday/Zonta Bazaar

It’s been raining lately. Not the stormy kind, but enough to dampen lakwatcha plans haha. Like the bazaar last weekend, for example! ;) Grounds were muddy so it wasn’t as festive as last year’s.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire… ;)
Cute bags. 350 php each.
attractively-colored jusi shawls.. 1,5k each.
Pack-away footwear & shoe accessories. What would they think of next? ;) 
Kayaks, anyone? $$$
600/pair for the bejeweled serving spoon & fork.
Would have bought some if only I had the extra budget!!! <3
Speed boat.. me DEFINITELY likey!!! m/
Bambi’s booth.. CREATIVE KIDS!
Great place to park your kids while you do your shopping in peace haha! ;P
Even the football field had booths.
Too bad it rained the whole weekend so I doubt the stall owners sold much..

There was a DIVA dog show, I don’t know if it pushed through though, since it was raining the whole time. Didn’t really wanna see.. too much memories of our dear Jinia… :'((

Besides.. it was such a “bedroom” weather ;) ;), so we napped instead, after our hearty lunch of inihaws..

Tuna panga..
Chicken BBQ
with ensalada! <3
and seasonal fruits.
My happy meal! ;)

I just love lazy sundays, don’t you??? <3 For a video of pastor Jay Jackson’s message on “We waited for all our lives (for Jesus)”, click HERE.

Today is the last day of school for my kids. I’m just soooooo happy!!! <3 and tomorrow, I’m meeting up with Nancy & Joy for our christmas reunion.. and of course, to get MY PACKAGES!!!! m/

4 more days ’til CHRISTmas.. Happy holidays, everyone!!! :-*

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