Sumptuous Sunday/Tiendesitas

It’s another sunday, yay! :) Family day!! <3 But first, and always on the top of our list before everything else, church. God is the glue that holds our family together, & we want to instill that in our kids early on in life.

Our preacher today was Pastor JP Masakayan on Respect. Please click here for his message summary.

This admission shames me, but for the past 2 week, MIL has been sick with coughs & colds and overly needing & seeking attention from her baby son. So I’ve been somewhat miffed, brat that I am. :P My hunny has been harping the whole TWO weeks NIGHT & DAY (and also in between) about her illness & how her meds aren’t working. I know he’s just worried, but lately, she’s just been figuring too much in my world!!! And it’s just coughs & colds for goodness sake. :(( I need a break!

So God spoke to me through the pastor’s message. Believe me, it’s really a struggle for me to love my MIL, but God wants me to RESPECT her at least if I can’t make myself love her, so I have to obey. BUT IT’S REALLY REALLY HARRRDDDDDD not to roll my eyes at the mention of “mama this & mama that”!!!! @_@

Ephesians 6:2-3

New International Version (NIV)
2 “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— 3 “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”[a

Before you judge me, please.. DO TRY having your overbearing MIL live with you for 17 long years & see if I’m right! :P Love is looooooonnnnnnggggg sufferiinnnnngggggg, as Pastor tanchi says! So I must really love my hunny hehehe! :P

On a happier note, this is what we had for lunch! :)

Our cook made inihaw na manok & salmon, with pancit on the side..
and leche flan for dessert.

And since I needed a break!!! @_@ My hunny took me to Tiendesitas where he knew I would be in a happy mood… being surrounded by puppies! ;))

The kids & I headed straight to the bulldogs section to stare & coo at these super cute puppies!!

This one really stole my heart!!! <3 <3 <3
Look at how PRETTY she is!!!
Even the kids fell in love with her among all the puppies we looked at.
This one was really sweet & interacted with us.
I want! I want!!!!
Got the owner’s number.
I have to ponder first…
Am I REALLY emotionally ready to get deeply attached again?
So soon after Jinia’s death??? 
Saw this girl carrying her poochie on a backpack..
How cute!! :)
Eh yung aso.. comfy naman kaya? ;P
Walked around some more & ate fell in love with this pomeranian.
and this.. SO CUTE & FLUFFY!!!! @_@
But my heart is really leaning towards the bulldog, sorry! :P
It took so much will power to walk away from those adorable puppies! We are all dog lovers & I never had a time where I didn’t have a dog since I was 16. But the death of Jinia really took a toll on me that I have to give this SERIOUS thoughts & consideration!!!

To distract us from our puppy obsession (yes, the kids were begging to get one already!), my hunny took us to Eastwood mall… shopping & eating always gets our attention! ;))

We were not familiar with Eastwood mall so we needed a guide on where to go hehe..
We are after all, from the boondocks! @_@

The kids fooled around in the A shop.. :))
And of course I also want my picture taken noh!
Hindi lang puro sila! ;))

And again, since my hunny is the “head” of the family (what he doesn’t know is that I’M THE NECK mwahaha!!), he gets to choose where we eat.. and naturally, CHINESE IT IS! @_@

Ate at Choi Palace. Sister company of Choi Garden.
Same yummy food. 
My babyson’s pecking duck. he just LOVES the wrap!!!
He always orders this whenever he can get away with it! ;))
Broccoli with dried Abalone.
Really Malansa!!!
I suggest you just get the plain one.
Ate’s shrimp balls..
and Beef Hofan. This is really yummy! <3
My lovey’s salted spare ribs.
Pecking duck 2nd way.. minced in lettuce wrap.
Forever Yang Chow! @_@
Almond jelly with Lychee (singular haha!) 
Behind us is the Eastwood Park Hotel
The restaurant is in between the mall & the hotel, with 2 separate entances.
Total bill came up to 3k. Not bad for all those yummy food. ‘Til our next adventure! :)
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