Sumptuous Sunday/Soroptimist Intl. of Alabang Bazaar

It was pastor Joby again today! m/ His topic was on Defeating Discouragement. I am always encouraged by his words of wisdom. Being discouraged is YOUR choice. You can either choose to be discouraged. Or choose to be encouraged & keep fighting the good fight.

His topic is actually a great way to segue to the Soroptimist bazaar, hahaha! Because it really was pretty discouraging, I tell ya! ;P

The bazaar organizers promised an animal show complete with crocodiles
& orangutans among others.
They failed to deliver, to the dismay of many who were waiting patiently.
Myself included! :P 

But my Lovey (who is my one constant companion <3) & I enjoyed the bazaar anyway. Although the booths were same old same old. Here are a few of the new booths..

I got excited when I saw you can make picture stamps (cam-whore, hello!)
But they were selling the machine itself pala, hahaha! :P

fake crocs :P
neon-light up shirts. Cool!

Lunch was pretty simple. Looking forward to our dinner date tonight to celebrate ate‘s coming birthday! :)

Japanese beef cubes..
Fried fish..
Shrimp potato salad..
and virgin pina colada with umbrella! :)

Next.. ate‘s birthday. I’m so excited! m/

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