Sumptuous Sunday/Movie Night

For lunch today, we had..

Salad for Starters
Cream Dory Fish Fillet and
Roasted Chicken for main course
Mashed Potatoes and
Buttered Corn as side dishes
My over-filled Plate!!! ;))

Napped for a while, then went off to watch this as my hunny went back to acropolis for Day 2 of his tourney..

Zookeeper was EXTREMELY funny!!! Watch it!!! <3 <3 <3

But before we did, we put our “Weekend Warriors” strategy to the test! ;) We have since learned how to “divide & conquer” whenever we would watch movies on weekends (to save time), and have become quite experts at this! ;)) As we were one man short, my baby girl had to step up and fill Daddy’s shoes. So, armed with cash, we went off on different directions: Ate to buy movie tickets, Lovey to buy popcorn, my Babyson to buy hotdog sandwiches, and me to buy drinks! Galing namin di ba??? :P

Have you heard of Serenitea ??? Well, every time we pass by it grabe ang pila!!! Even longer than the starbucks right beside it, I tell you!!! So I got intrigued & even though the line was super long, pinag-tiyagaan ko talaga!!! @_@ The kids were doing their job excellently, anyway. So I figured, might as well! :)

OMG!!! I waited 30 minutes for 2 friggin’ drinks! The 3 kids were all done with their purchases & were waiting patiently for me, and I was still waiting for my drinks to be made. They need to device a quicker way to serve their customers. Really. Happy Lemon yesterday was also slow moving but the line in Serenitea today was the pits!!! Do I like their drink? Sorry, No.

They have pearls, like Zagu.
I really don’t know what the hype is about. I didn’t find my drink that fascinating.
But that’s just me.
Or maybe I didn’t get the right kind. (???)
My expert warriors kids! Out on the battlefield ;))

Knowing my children, they have to roam the mall before I can drag them back home. Especially since their dad wasn’t with us. So around and around we went! And just as I figured, ate found clothes she liked! :P

A 20’s fringed go-go dress, and the much needed sexy LBD! ;)
I just love the attention to details.. ate would look absolutely gorgeous in these! <3

AND!!! For a video clip of our preacher’s (Pastor Enrique “Ricky” Sarthou) sermon on FAITHFULNESS, please click HERE

GTG, ’til tomorrow, everyone!!! :-*
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