Sumptuous Sunday/Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Lunch was simple today. Ate had another test, in UST this time, so she & daddy had to leave early to make it on time for the 2pm scheduled entrance exam. The kids love baked salmon, and I’m happy to say that our cook almost got the contis taste to the last detail.. like 99.9% copied! ;)

My hunny is nauuya with anything that is cheesy. So he asked for tokwa’t baboy  as additional entree.
Looks so much yummier after it is nahalo.

So it was just me & the 2 younger ones who went to church today. Sayang the speaker was the world-renowned Dr. Harold Sala pa naman. Topic was “Victory over Satan’s attack on the Family“.

My lovey had a birthday party to attend in the afternoon, so my babyson & I had a date. Let me tell you, it’s much easier going on a date with my girls. I just buy them stuff & feed them and they are already happy! ;)) With my son, it’s all grunts & “macho stuff” -which I know nothing of hehe. I took him shopping but he really wasn’t that interested. I wanted to feed him but he’s not that much into eating as us 3 girls (that’s why he’s reed thin). And I figured out the only word he knows (grunts) is “MOM!” with matching big eyes, like this.. @_@
Me: Babyson, I think that gay dude is checking you out!
Him: MOM! @_@
Me: Babyson, I think that guy wants to make a pass at me. (when we were being chased with samples of rock salt scrub, hehe! ;P)
Him: MOM! @_@
Me: Babyson, I can’t breathe! I think my bra is too tight!
Him: MOM!!! @_@
Me: Babyson, I think that cardi would look great on you.
Him: MOM! @_@
He definitely has to learn new words aside from “MOM”!!!! @_@
Okay, so 45 minutes into our 1-on-1 date, I figured we should just watch a movie because I probably won’t get anything else from him except for grunts & the occasional rolling of eyes hehe.. and we had 3 more hours to kill before the party ends.

So, we decided to watch SMURFS! :) Shhhh.. my lovey will KILL me if she finds out I watched it without her. Promise lovey we will watch it on friday!!! <3, :-*, :)

I love my babyson SOOOOOO MUCCCHHHH!!! <3
But we had merienda first at Tempura..

My babyson HEARTS sushi!!! <3

Our double order of gyoza!! Coz we love it so much! <3

Then frappuccino & sweets at The Coffee Bean after the movie while waiting for my lavinia..

Blueberry cheesecake..
and Tiramisu! <3

Meanwhile.. my lovey attended a Mad-hatter’s tea party/12th birthday party.

Had to destroy 2 of my lovey’s fascinators to add to this “happy Birthday” hat.
Turned out so cute naman, so it was worth it! :)
With Alexis, another BFF :)

They painted a mural on the long wall mirror! ;)
Make-your-own (tea)cupcake! :)

With Rocio, yet another BFF! <3

Such a beautiful set-up!!! <3

All little girls had their own decorated (tes)cupcakes! <3

Very big & unique lootbag!!! :)

On ate’s end, she found the UST test MUCH easier daw than the UPCAT. Hmmmnnnn.. maybe UST IS God’s will for you ate!!! ;) Not manipulating.. just saying!!! hahaha!!! :))

Hay naku you’re so bagay there ate!!! ;))
I can just imagine you in the UST College of Med. Sigh! <3

Dinner date at President’s after.
I’m really happy that Dad is sharing this whole college experience with you, Ate! :)
Time is running out on us. Pretty soon you’ll have a family of your own.
So I’m very very happy that we are part of your every milestone.
I love you so much, Ate!!! :-*
Good luck! ;) But more of God Bless!
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