Sumptuous Sunday/Just Before Christmas Bazaar

Topic in church today was EMOTIONS by Dennis Legaspi. I really feel that God is always talking to us through the pastors. Whenever we experience heartaches, God reaches us one way or the other. And I’m always thankful to Him for that, and for showing my kids that He is never far.

I’m just so happy & proud that my girls are far better than some. They have so much love from their family that being a bitch is not their major goal in life. I can’t wait until school is over & we can all move on. 3 months.. 3 months.. we can do this!!! Sometimes, big schools don’t look so bad…

Moving on, lunch was sorta japanese haha…

Japanese salad
Not-so-japanese fish
Japanese beef
Japanese rice

Meanwhile, the bazaar this weekend is sponsored by Ayala Alabang Village itself. Sayang that no effort was made towards making it exciting. All the booths are the same old booths from before. There were no gimmicks or shows to pull in customers. The possibilities of sponsors for this event are endless. It was boring –VERY! Even the food booths were boring. Sorry. But do watch out for next weekend. It’s the St. James Bazaar!!! From Nov. 26 (Sat.) to 30 (Wed.) from 9AM-9PM. 5 whole days!!! And the booths occupy not 1, not 2, but 3 large spaces!!!

Paint by numbers.
I admit, this is quite unique.
Even someone like e can paint with this! :)
They come in different sizes. The small one is less than 500php.

This big one costs 1,4k. Not bad for an art project!
I’ve heard painting is a very relaxing hobby.
Adorable tutus!!! <3
Dog accessories.. I miss you Virginia!!! :'((

Guitar CD rack. Very cute! m/
Cute captions.
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