Sumptuous Sunday/HBL part 2

It’s my baby’s actual birthday today!!! My Lovey was “unexpected”. I already had a girl & a boy so my hunny and I thought that was it for us. But “accidents” happen.. this time, a GOOD accident, because my Lovey came into our lives!!! m/ I honestly didn’t want another child na sana, but now, I don’t know what my life would be without my Lovey who is the sweetest, most caring baby ever!! <3 So great things do come for a reason! I wouldn’t want to have it any other way! :)

All of 9 lbs!!! :)

After church, where the topic was NO GOD, KNOW FEAR. KNOW GOD, NO FEAR by pastor Joby Soriano (please click HERE for a video of his sermon), we invited my mom to have lunch with us at home. We bought a bunch of bola-bola last week & we decided to make shabu-shabu! m/

My 2 loves! <3
Bunch of bola-bola we bought from our binondo trip last week.
Nilagang baboy as base for our shabu-shabu
Bihon (or is it sotanghon???)
First, you put noodle in, then veggies (in this case, repolyo) & meat.
Then you pile on the bola-bola.. coz that’s the fun part! ;)
Soup comes next. And TADA!!! All-in-one meal!!! m/
But then again, you know that’s not enough for our family of heavy eaters, right? ;))
So we also have our favorite roast beef. Because we are such CARNIVORES!!! @_@
My HAPPY plate! ;)
As always, I love it when my mom can join us for lunch! <3
The little girls were too full na yesterday to eat the cake,
so we had another cake blowing today! m/

But of course the birthday celebration doesn’t stop there –it’s my baby’s special day! :P So after opening presents…

From Mommy! <3
From Mommy & Daddy! <3
Coz Lavinia just LOVES to bake! ;)
From Daddy! <3
From ate & kuya! <3
Extra gift from Mommy! Coz my Lavinia is such a good girl! m/

My baby can’t wait to have her friends over & make popcorn!!!
(all cooking gadgets can be bought from True Value)

Off we went to Greenbelt. And my baby bought stuff again from Muji, her favorite place in the world! @_@ Where she keeps & brings all her pens & stuff, I’ll never know!

Then we had dinner at Mr. Jones after they had done decent damage to both my & my hunny’s credit cards! @_@

Mr. Jones is a retro diner. My lovey wanted a themed thing for dinner
so she really enjoyed the ambience & food here.
My 3 little piggies! <3 <3 <3
Games galore to choose from while we were waiting for our food.
Their dad taught them how to play “Pick-up-sticks”
Full concentration mode! ;))
Truffled disco fries 395.00
Appetizer for the kids. They have such HUGE appetites!
I wonder where they get it from! ;))
My hunny’s Crab & Dory Thermidore 395.00
It came with red organic rice hehe.. so he had an extra order of the regular variety (65.00).
My Superman burger (2 patties yay!) 495.00
Ate’s Fish & Chips 385.00
My babyson’s Truck Stop (pork steak) 420.00
and my Lovey’s Tapa Overload 295.00

They had such lovely dessert, but Ate wanted to try Max Brenner’s. So with a heavy heart, I said goodbye to the wonderful cakes & pies! ;))

I shall return, oh banana cream pie, pineapple turn over, and chocolate turtle pie.
Just you wait for me!!! ;)
Over at Max Brenner’s (where we didn’t see any BALD guys!)
My Lavinia with her Daddy! <3
Ohhhhh!!! I so wanted to have an affair with this tank of chocolate! <3
From the tank.. to the pipes..
To these yummy conconctions! <3

Chocolate to end a perfect day. What more can one ask for??? ;)

Happy happy birthday, Lovey! <3 I thank God for the gift of you, I can never imagine a life without my ever so cheerful, loving, caring, thoughtful baby. I love you to the moon & back!!! :-*

PS-Look at the card my baby gave ME. On HER birthday! ;)

Isn’t she just the sweetest??? <3
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