Sumptuous Sunday/CWL Bazaar

So, after Mercato Centrale yesterday, I will never ever diss any of our cuenca bazaars. Ever! ;)) I don’t know why I even want to go so far when I actually have more right in my own back yard!

Like I said, cuenca will have weekly bazaars now that the “ber” months are here! <3 The Catholic Women’s League are the organizers of this weekend’s bazaar…

Ate had her DLSU entrance test today.
My babyson was busy with his new game.
So it was just me & my Lovey (whom I can always count on!) on a beautiful sunday morning.

Again, I only took pictures of unique products.
There are so many stalls that I feel it would take forever to upload all! @_@
Plenty of nice organic things to give as presents for Christmas..
Beautiful packaging too.
The bag in itself is a gift already! :)
Lots of naughty stuff too… ;))
Foldable bikes start at 10k.
Super cute USBs!!! 500 php each <3 <3 <3
Look at what I got! ;)
and oooooooohhhhh.. dessert galore!!!
I soooo want to try this!!!
Maybe I’ll go back later & get one! ;P
Flavored gourmet popcorn! <3
Plants (vs. zombies ???)
..and landscape decorations!
And of course, the food court! Nomnomnom!!! @_@
We came just at the right time. Not too many people yet.
And the weather was cool. A little drizzle, but still better than the glaring sun!

As for what we had for lunch… japanese food yay!!! <3

Homemade maki..
Super yummy sukiyaki!!! <3 <3 <3
Tender japanese beef cubes..
Crunchy yasai Itame. Love!!! <3
and japanese fried rice. OMG!!!!! <3
Capped with dulce de leche cake. Be still my heart!!!
My “behaved” slice! ;))

Meanwhile.. here is ate’s take on her classroom inside DLSU while taking her entrance exam. I like being part of her life, so I get a kick out of whatever morsel of information she shares with me, hehe! :P

Lunch date with her Daddy after her exam.
For a video of Vic Quisumbing’s sermon on Humility.. the Pathway to Significance, please click here! :) Have a great week ahead, everyone!!! Back to school… I’m gonna miss the kids soooooo much!!! </3
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