Sumptuous Sunday/Best Buy Bazaar (CFC)

A Pacquiao sunday to all! ;P Seriously, what is it with these fights? Who wants to see people get beaten up to a pulp anyway?

The streets are quiet & calm, everyone is watching the fight. Even church is not as full, haha! I’m guessing the church goers will all attend the evening service. Speaker today was Pastor JP Masakayan. Topic is REGRET. Please click HERE for his message.

Anyway, our lunch was once again simple… our cook is running out of ideas on sprucing up our sunday menu haha! Need to get her a new cookbook! ;)

Patatim, hands up everyone’s favorite. Next to roast beef! ;))
Sweet & Sour Fish
Chop Suey
My full plate, as always! :P
OJ! <3

And look what arrived at our doorstep!!! My lovey’s FEED bag, yay! m/ I also like the Grown-up version. Maybe I’ll get it for ate. You can buy this online from nordstrom.com!

This convertible messenger-tote is the perfect everyday bag that also
helps children in need across the world.

For each bag purchased, 500 children will receive
Vitamin A supplements for one year.
Feed disney tote bag $50.00
Handles are made of sturdy cream-colored organic cotton.
The center of each bag, along with the messenger strap,
both feature the adorable Small World characters, representing children
from many different cultures around the world.
And now, on to the bazaar this weekend. It features 2 big names.. Noritake & Flora silk factory sale. Up to 75% off on selected items, how great is that, right? m/

Sponsored by Couples for Christ Alabang.

Aside from the two that I mentioned are the usual small booths. Here are some of the new booths this weekend..
Cute laptop sleeves.. 400-small/500-big
Nice thing about bazaars are the unique finds! Great for gifts! :)
Even paintings made it to the bazaar this weekend!
and furry errr.. furs! ;))
yay! They’re back!!! m/
Multi-shawl 250php by Laura 09175209415 (sv_lala@yahoo.com.ph)
I bought 3. To cover my fat arms when I dare to wear sleeveless, mwahaha! ;)

Tried this japanese salad dressing, Roasted Sesame Dressing & LOVED it!!! For orders call 09178137462, 09228148503 550php.
Visited the food court. They had takoyaki & shawarma yay!!! m/
Takoyaki is LOVE!! <3 40php/3 pcs.
I had 6, hahaha!! ;P
And my “friend” Bizhan Kazemi is also around!
He has the best shawarma, promise!!
Mr. Bizhan Kazemi:  0919-863-3133 / 0928-256-0406
Beef shawarma jumbo 140php.
He does parties. Give him a call! :)
and what better way to wash down those yummy food with halo-halo!!! M3
I just love my new SONY cybershot camera!!! <3
So vivid. And just look at my panoramic view!
Full HD 1080×1920 with dual record of stills and movies
3D still image and 3D Sweep Panorama
Fast capture with 10fps at full 16.2 MP resolution
iSweep Panorama for one shot landscapes
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